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  1. Thank you Alex. I renamed file as described, and that solved the problem. Have to put in new values in file, used screen shot to rebuild. Works well now. BR Gunnar
  2. I have similar problem when using Visilogic on the same laptop. Using favorites make this message, see below. But if i use project settings connection is ok. Could it be user access problems with favorite file ??? Any fix for this ?
  3. I have a problem with connecting via TCP in remote acccess. Using favorites When trying to connect this message appers. Windows 10 - 64 bit Any tips Running as Admin, UAC is off, running in XP mode.....
  4. Does anyone know if we can setup a HighSpeed output and connect to a high speed input for test purpose with Unistream PLC Who to do correct wire , and is there example programs available. Have a Unilocig CPU with UID-0808THS attached Regards Gunnar
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