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  1. @Flex727 I checked these but they do not include the tutorial which would present step by step go through for some specific scenario e.g. there is a machine with 5 sensors and 10 switches and this is how you create programming in UniLogic for this from A to Z. Each scenario is different but such a complete go through would assure new user that most of all necessary steps are covered and are done correctly. Tutorials under this link are very informative but they are fragmented.
  2. Hi, I am beginner in Unilogic. I learn this software and looking for step by step programming tutorials based on the concrete examples. I watched intro and other tutorials. At this stage some example tutorials of "this is how you do it for such scenario" would be very useful. I checked Unitronics website and web but did not find something similar. Does anyone have such tutorials or links to them, please. Thank you. Regards
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