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  1. Thank you sir, I was afraid that would be the case 🙂 I'll get busy putting it together 😉 thanks again, Jay
  2. I noticed that the unilogic has a utility for displaying the data log info on the HMI but how do you go about doing this in visalogic?
  3. Very cool, I will look at this tonight:-) thank you very much!!!!
  4. Gentlemen, I have only been learning this stuff for a month please be kind hehe:-). Net 86 through 90 are the first fold that I am referring to that I am trying to use time to find the mid position of a sheet with. The fallowing folds will fallow suit when this one is worked out. The rest of the project is still a work in progress although I have worked out the Fold 1 jam circuit and have yet to make the same changes to the rest of the jam nets. Anyway, I wrestled with posting the whole program but figured being my first one its a learning project anyway. Thank you for any help guys, JayC. Sheet folder.vlp
  5. Ausman, Right on thank you! I have found that the SB13 is not very accurate and has been inconsistent in its rythym. I will post the finished working logic once I get this reworked?? thank you, Jay
  6. Isakovic, Thank you, You and Joe are on the same wave link or just good at what you do:-). I may be going the encoder route by the end of this but being its folding linen and not running something like a CNC milling machine I'll try using time to start with. I'll post the logic as soon as I get to the desk top. thanks again, JayC.
  7. Thank you Joe, I have a corporate PLC guy that steered me the same direction by using the SB 13. The only issue I have now is after counting the 1 second pulse dividing it by 2, I have it loading in to a TD. At this point I'm looking to set up a set coil to power the TD when the input goes low. Then reset after the output coil goes high. I will post the logic when I get to the desktop?? thank you for any help:-)
  8. I have considered and encoder and could still go that direction but being that the sheet folder that we are upgrading is one set speed I didn't go that direction. Geez these newbies huh:-).. What would be the best way to set that up in the net?
  9. I have an issue with finding the most efficient way to measure the amount of time a input is high, then divide by 2, then load the time on top of a preset time delay coil. This part of the logic is to locate the middle point of a sheet to fold it in half. Any direction is much appreciated:-) thank you, JayC.
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