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  1. I am having the same problem described in the above post. This is my first time working with a unistream PLC (before this i used a lot of vision and Jazz models) and i have to say i find it al a bit frustrating. Specially because i cant seem to find some decent instructions onto setting up a VNC connection.
  2. Hi, I would like to know if there is a way to cancel an active alarm screen with a ladder net instead of the ESC button on the alarm? i would like that the HMI returns to the previous active screen or a screen of my choosing after the alarm or alarms are no longer active. I could not find anything in help files concerning the alarm hmi screens so i hope someone else has an idea.
  3. Thanks for the suggestions anyway. I am also working on the MB minimization. Over the past week i have been looking at all the screen calls and function keys connected to certain screens and found that i could simplify and shrink a lot of ladder nets. Basically what has happened is that this program i started writing 2,5 years ago and over that time period there where a lot of functions and features added and some discarded so maybe there is something else that i have been overlooking. One thing i also have not tested is if it would work from a different phone. Until now i only tested using my own phone, so maybe that can give some further information. *just tested another android device, results are the same
  4. I had some time to test the program with normal contacts and positive transition contacts, unfortunately this did not solve the issue. Still cant operate the function keys from the android app. Remote access from the pc stil works fine.
  5. Hi Ausman, I think my wording is right i might have not been specific enough. The main reason for me using the negative (or positive contacts for that matter) is i like efficient running programs. So in this case using the negative contacts means the screen call happens only once when the button is released, and any logic that is linked to function buttons on the loaded screen will happen only when the button is pressed again. When i used normal contacts on the screen (and positive contacts for the logic on the screen) the program worked just fine with the only exception that i could see that a page was loaded multiple times, and i did not liked how it looked. The same could be achieved by using only positive contacts, but when i compile the program i always get warnings about using to much positive and negative contacts and that i could improve performance by using less. So in this case i was actively looking where i could get rid of positive contacts for normal contacts. Putting the negative contacts on the screen call let me get rid of the positive contacts that i had on the screen that was loaded. Still get the warning so i don't no if it helped.
  6. Hi Ausman, I have, back before i used remote operator so i don't know if that makes some difference. I changed to negative transition because i want the button released when the next page is loaded. The function keys are also used on a page so this way i only needed 6 negative contact instead of a lot of positive contacts. With a bit of luck i will have time on Friday to do some testing.
  7. I don't have a sample project jet, when i have time i will try to make one and test this out. I added a attachment with a picture of how the function keys are wired. Basically when the button is released and the right password is active the page will be loaded.
  8. I had a question about the function keys in the remote operator app for android. Can they be somehow linked to the function keys on a PLC (vision 560). The function keys on our a plc are used to switch between different pages in program and i would like to have the same ability when i use the app. When i use remote operator on my pc this is no problem so i hope same can be achieved with the android app.
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