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    entrada analoga con valor 32767

    Hello again I worked perfectly when I put the power to the module by V2-V0, now if it shows the value corresponding to the ambient temperature, but I have a doubt about the mV, when checking the thermocouple with the multimeter I give -0.4 to -0.1 mV and the device shows me more or less 75 ° - 80 ° F and when checking the mV table of the thermocouple this value does not correspond, although the PLC shows me correctly the temperature ¿what happens?
  2. boris david diaz guerra

    entrada analoga con valor 32767

    hola muchas gracias. problema solucionado.
  3. boris david diaz guerra

    analog input 32767 TC

    Thank you very much. I Will review the connections and communicate again.
  4. Hi good day I have a problem with a PLC V280 with the adjustment module V200-18-E3XB. this is the case -I have configured the TC module inputs, with jumpers 3-4-5 for AN0 on B. -HW configuration is for TC J, without filter, ° F, MI 104 -I have a type J TC connected to the analog input AN0, which reads in another PLC and indicates well -program a screen with a Variable: numeric, to display the MI 104 The problem is that the display shows the value 32767 and I do not see the actual value of the temperature.
  5. Hola buen dia tengo un problema con un PLC V280 con módulo de ajuste V200-18-E3XB. este es el caso: -tengo configurado las entradas análogas del modulo para TC, con los puentes 3-4-5 para AN0 en B. -la configuración de HW esta para TC J, no filter, °F, MI 103 -tengo conectada una TC tipo J en la entrada análoga AN0 , que ensaye en otro PLC ABB -programe una pantalla con un shape Variable: numeric, para visualizar la Variable MI 103 El problema es que me sale en la pantalla el valor 32767 y no me sale el valor real de la temperatura.