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  1. With Joe's code and an LED & Resistor across the 'Step' pins I could see that the voltage level was pulsing correctly. There was also a steady 24V across the Enable terminals. I tried to control the 'Direction' output (O2) with the original code example but couldn't get this to work although it did work when conventionally addressed via ladder logic. I don't know why this is. So it must be the motor that's faulty or incorrectly configured - I'll swap it with a 2nd one to see. Thanks everyone. V430_SDSK2310S.pdf Forgot to mention: Teknic's wire colour codes should be ignored.
  2. Initializing & Resetting the PLC gives the same results. I reduced the Velocity down to 125 which gave a longer time before 'at position' was reached but O0-O3 remained at a steady zero on the laptop display. Could someone please confirm whether or not I should be able to see the outputs changing during F9 Online mode? - just in case these PTO modules somehow control the outputs in a different manner to the ladder code I'm used to.
  3. .... not too familiar with Unitronics stuff but the code in question is in the Main Routine of the Main Module so I assume it is being called continuously. I'm also pretty sure I did a few Initialise and Resets because early on, after a main power off - power on cycle, I had displayed Config Success = FALSE and Profile Success = FALSE. I think these changed after an Initialize & Reset. But I will double check again tomorrow.
  4. Well, the wiring checked out ok. A clocking circuit 'conventionally' assigned to O0, O2 and (for the hell of it) O6 resulted in their corresponding terminals pulsing between 0V & 24V as expected and as indicated in F9 Online mode. These outputs could not be seen to be switching like this when the PTO ladder modules were used so is there some output assignments I'm missing or jumpers or hardware configuration still to consider?
  5. Thanks for that Aus, Yes the motor is connected and it is lightly loaded. I realize that with scan time issues online viewing of the Step pulses would be problematic but was thinking that the Direction output would be of a much lower frequency and seen easily. ...think I might have to see if I can remember how to use my scopemeter !
  6. Thank you Isakovic, Yes MI12 changes as expected along with the HMI display in general although I still cannot see any of the outputs changing state when in F9 'online' mode. The motor direction settings seem to also work ok on the display and within the PTO function blocks but again I don't see the corresponding output (O2 I think) change.
  7. Hi Folks, I'm trying to control a Teknic's SDSK stepper-type motor with a Vision V430 using its PTO functionality but with no success. I don't know if it's a software or hardware problem. Should it be possible for me to see any of the high speed outputs changing state when viewed in Online Test (F9) mode? Because at the moment everything seems to be dead. The bit of code I'm using is based on a Unitronics example which I've tried to adapt for a V430 and I'm using VisiLogic 9.8.65 If anyone could give suggestions as to what I'm missing here it would be much appreciated. Best Regards Rob PTO Test ' Yair.vlp
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