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  1. Dear Sir, I am using V1210 PLC How to convert MF (Memory Float) Value into MI (Memory Integer)? My MF values will be like -0.0023, i have to use this value for plotting graph Trends. But the trends having only option to link vector operant MI only. Here, i dont know how to convert my MF value -0.0023 into MI. Or do you know any other option is there to use my MF value to plot Trends? Kindly help me please.
  2. Based one some guide line, i can send and receive the text from PC -PLC through RS232 HYPER TERMINAL. Now, i have a GPS data Text File, that has bulk of text starting with $ and end with *XY (XY-Numbers). The lines are shown in the attached text file. In this bunch of lines in the text file i need only "$GPGLL" starting text message. For that i have used "$GPGLL" in Index of message and * in end of text in FB Scan. I have received the text message, only if "$GPGLL" present in the first starting line of the text file. If this $GPGLL is in second starting line, the PLC has failed to read "$GPGLL" text message. For that i hope FB scan need continuous or loop scanning for each line starting with $, I have tried with different attempt, but failed. Moreover, if the text file has more than one $GPGLL" starting text message, each text message should be display in HMI one by one. I have tried upto my knowledge but failed. Kindly Help me Sir. i need to scan multiple text lines at a time and choose a few text lines from that to display. I hope unitronic tech people may help to solve.
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