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  1. When I have issues with the SD card I just replace the SD card, not saying that's your issue but a lot of SD cards now are crap out of the box or shortly after.
  2. I've had better luck (actually getting something done with IT) having IT setup an FTP Server on the network and giving me a client username and password. I then setup the client on the unistream and FTP send to send the CSV on my end. This way works better for me because then I can add a bunch of machines and don't have to have IT involved because I re-use the username and password.
  3. I just tried to install a later version on windows 10, checked the box to keep the old version and got this error box. If I pick "ok" it will un-install the previous version, If I hit "cancel" it exits out of the installer.
  4. I would look at: SD card present? SD card formatted correctly (fat32) Max number of files on SD card not exceeded (this is a set-able number in unilogic) Make sure you are not resetting the contact that starts the save in the same rung (I remember this was an issue for me for some reason) I would then email Support: support@unitronics.com
  5. I'm not sure if this is the answer but I remember the file name had to be of specific format, "yourfilename" leave off the csv.
  6. I routinely find myself bouncing between 3-4 different revisions of unilogic depending on what version the program on the controller was created on. I've only been able to do this by uninstall whatever version I have and re-install the version I need. Is there a quicker way to somehow keep multiple versions on the same box without having to go through the uninstall- install process?
  7. I usually do a webpage for simple projects but thinking now VNC may be the better/fastest option in this situation. Thanks for the input on this issue
  8. Schleuniger is notoriously difficult to work with on "custom" stuff. We program all ours with Iquana, but I don't think you can access /edit the "program" registers remotely. PS. have you had any issues with your HMI's on those machines? We've had several fail.
  9. What is the best/reliable/fastest way to "cast and control" the HMI screen to a tablet (on the other side of a machine) Hardware would be a Unistream, would a VNC veiwer or webserver be the best option or are their other alternatives?
  10. After FTP is received I usually: 1st "Convert CSV to UDTF" 2nd "Load DTI From File" I would use a HMI element "Combo Box" to show the operator the available files. Each file name in the combo box would be linked to an index number which when the " Selected" bit of the combo box goes high stores the appropriate file name as a string to parameter "C" of the "load DTI from File" then loads that data from Parameter C-->A The downside to this method is that the available files listed in the combo box would be fixed so you could not change them easily. The way I handle this type situation is with another index data table to hold all the part numbers that would run on the machine, the operator scans their job/part number and on the back end we go search the part number data table using "Find DTI Column Value" and load whatever string is listed in that row data into Parameter C of "Load DTI from File" -Swervomotor
  11. I would like to be able to open 2 projects at once on the same machine. It would also be nice to copy/paste ladder between the two.. But I would be good with just being able to compare side by side.
  12. Is there any built in function to compare 2 projects side by side and show the differences without going through line by line?
  13. You can use the built in functions to send a CSV file: HMI button sets a bit--> "Store DTI to File" Make sure to set "F" to 1 so it saves a CSV file onto the SD card--> Then when the "H" status finishes (1-->0) you can use the built in "FTP Send" to send that CSV file you named in the "Store DTI to File" Then go find it and open in Excel (import as CSV). Now if you want to import it back into the PLC after you make changes to the file you need to reverse this process: save as CSV (on computer) "FTP Receive" "Convert CSV to UDTF" "Load DTI from File"
  14. Look a the help file under "timer TP" and "increment" You can use the falling edge of Timer.Out of one timer to start the other and increment your counter. I try to avoid using direct coils if possible and use SET and RESET coils.
  15. Ok, looks like the Node RPI is restricted as read only from ladder so Q1 is out. I am however wondering about Q2 above, The enable bit is read/write from ladder so wondering about any "start up" delay.
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