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  1. On a previous project I got hung up on a USB barcode reader and only getting it to work as a keyboard wedge. Causing extra steps for the operator. Which barcode readers have you used/integrated with Unistream successfully? Thanks in advance.
  2. Swervomotor

    RTC To ASCII UDFB Seperator Code

    Dave, Thank you for the response, makes much more sense now I hadn't thought about the number representing the ASCII code. Do you happen to know if there is a place to change the separator for the time? Right now it's a : but I'm using it in a file rename which won't allow that character. Rather than parse it out I was hoping their was a quick way of changing it like the date separator. Thanks Again! Swervomotor
  3. Swervomotor

    "Store DTI to File" Ladder function

    I ran into this a few weeks ago, I just set a tag with the amount of rows in the table as a work around. Jut changed it after Saragani's reference to the "built in" tag for number or rows in a table. That way if it ever increases in size I won't have to change the number in 2 places.
  4. Good day, Does anyone know how the seperator for date established in Region 2 rung 5 and 6? It's storing a number into a UNIT8 but I can't find any reference to what these numbers actually represent. Thanks, Swervomotor
  5. Good day, Is it possible to reference a string tag for which file to view in the PDF Viewer? We have thousands of PDF's I will FTP the current PDF part drawing to the SD card and delete the last PDF part drawing. I believe I can just use a Rename File and overwrite a "sacrificial" PDF file name then reference that for the PDF viewer but wanted to know if their was a better way. Thanks. -Swervomotor
  6. Swervomotor

    Clear/Reinitialize Entire Struct

    Saragani, Thank you for the response! I'm glad there is a way. This is my first program with Unitronics, the Unistream software is much more intuitive than most I've used. I look forward to utilizing the Unilogic platform in future projects. -Swervomotor
  7. Good day, Is there a way to clear all data in an entire Struct that includes strings and INTs? I found the Reset Numeric Coil in the Basic Elements tool box but that only works with a single numeric element. I was wondering if their was an easier way to clear the entire Struct. Thanks, Swervomotor
  8. Swervomotor

    An invitation to suggest ideas for new UDFB's

    First time user here working with Unistream V 1.21.51 and a 5" Unilogic pro My recommendation: A way to duplicate elements within a STRUCT. Example: Keyence IV-500CA Ethernet/IP T2O assembly is 196 Word long mostly repetitive UINT16 elements that could just be duplicated. A way to export/import STRUCTS into projects from the Library. Example: If you use the above camera and/or similar components frequently being able to just load in the STRUCTS and TAGS without all the other project baggage would be nice. Thanks, Swervomotor