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  1. Sure, that could be a solution if I really really couldn't get my head around data tables. But I feel like the customer would be more happy with a single screen (plus one or two for alarm, different status of the different main components of the machine). Sleek was a word he often said during the "consultation", so to speak.
  2. An example would be RV12345 I'll try getting datatables working with the example Joe gave me and see if I can make better progress that way, Thanks! I'll try this and see if I can get this working! It'll probably be a whole lot easier to upgrade with more programs if the customer would like in the future!
  3. I am trying to build a machine that is going to make 60ish different parts. And I want it to be as simple as this: Operator enters program ID into a text box on the HMI. The PLS takes the String/Program ID and loads it into an ML. Then it takes that ML value and compares it to the database of 60ish programID's, and finds the program associated with that program ID and loads it. Then finally when the operator presses cycle start it starts the cycle and loops the loaded program until the operator presses cycle stop.
  4. Thanks! That seems to have solved both issues. A question about the ASCII String tool, it converts the strings to decimal then saves it to ML. Is there a way to stop it from converting the string to a decimal and just saving the string to ML as plain text? Figuring out what each of my 60 strings is in decimal is a bit of a hassle if it's not necessary to do.
  5. Hi! I have a project where I need to connect a PLS to a Universal Robot via MODBUS and have it run different programs based on user input. The idea is basically this Display a screen asking for a part ID Operator enters part ID based on the part he wants the machine to make Based on the partID the PLS will send a signal via modbus telling it to setup for that program, and the PLS will load a certain ladder logic path for that specific program. I tried to do this on a Samba 4.3 but I got stuck on in two places which seem to be hardware limited 1.It didn't allow me to have more than 5 digits in a numeric input, I'd prefer it to have 7 since that's how long the part ID's of the customer is 2.I didn't find a way to mix letter and number in a input box Is this a a hardware limitation of the Samba, if so is there a PLS/HMI you offer which could support the requirements I have? If the other PLS system supported a keyboard that would also be a bonus, typing on a keyboard is a lot better than a touchpad.
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