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  1. Hello Interroga, Hope you are doing well and would like to thank you for participation in our forum. About the struct member names, I will pass it over. If you have any more further questions, do not hesitate to contact us. Best Regard.
  2. Hello Interroga, Thank you for your reply! As I can see it, you are using the UAC struct for current status reference but that's not the right way of using it. This struct is use to control login of last attempt - what means that every time a user (Admin, Operator and etc.) is trying to login (successfully or not) will be written in the struct. Since you are displaying the user, group ID and etc... you'll need to use your own logic to make it work. For example: Good login will be written. Bad login will not be written and will show the last status (User connected or No user connected). When powering up the PLC or logging out, it will show "No user currently connected" I attached to this post an example project with UAC written logic - you can find it also in UniLogic example files. For any additional support - do not hesitate to contact us! UniStream_070_UAC Example.ulpr
  3. Hello Selli69, Thank you for contacting Unitronics forum! Unfortunately you'll have to configure both days with two seperate times. For example if you want to start in Sunday 22:00 (PM) till Monday morning 3:00 (AM) you'll have to configure two times triggers: 1. Sunday, from 22:00 to 23:59. 2. Monday, from 00:00(AM) to 3:00. There is another way if you want to use the RTC and compare function. for example: Create a register for each timer section (HH,MM) 1.Compare the HH to current RTC hours. 2. Compare the MM to current RTC minutes. And if both are valid it will execute the system. If you have any more question please send us an email to support@unitronics.com
  4. NahumS

    Uni-com UAC-02RS2

    Hello Pista, Thank you for your reply! I would like to note you that our R&D team are checking this issue. I got a report that you can keep working as normal without the PWR LED indication til the fix. To keep updated regarding this issue please send us an email to support@unitronics.com with your contact details, PLC type include the SN of the controller. If you need anything else do not hesitate and contact us through email, forum or a call.