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  1. Thanks for reply. I apologize on my English. I'm not always clear with words, so I created the video. I have many suggestions about the software and if it's possible to show this suggestions I will be happy to collaborate. I will send my suggestions in e-mail for your analysis. Regards, Mauro Rovetta.
  2. Hi, I'm using the latest version. I sent a video to Unitronics Suppot in Brazil, Dakol. I tried to attach the video , but it's not possible due to it size. I put on Youtube for more explanation: https://youtu.be/hWL26lcGx_U regards.
  3. Hi, I have an issue in the UAC module. When trying to "Login" with an null/empty user field or valid user name and wrong password , the system put the last user logged in the UAC struct. I don't understand why, but the system go back with last user & group. Regards.
  4. its possible create check box for include or disable message box popup( when press button logoff)?
  5. I would like be how to can create ladder code for logout user with internal action in ladder. Regards.
  6. USB driver for UniStream on Windows 10

    I cam same problem , but with w7. Not found in program files location.

    I declare external timer on logic. I will go testing . If working ok, i publish this results. Regars, mauro
  8. How to create pop-ups in screens?

    Ok, but I guess that's not the best way. If possible in the next version, we can create screens with resizing in the configuration. I appreciate your help. I hope the next release will be active.
  9. Subfolders for SD card DT folder

    any answer to the question?
  10. Copy/Move File from SD card DOK

    any answer to the question?
  11. Thanks for your help. My problem was in encoder , where one out (B) not worked. I create animation with inputs for testing. because that's how I saw my problem. Thank you very much for all. Regards.
  12. I wold like know how to declare for function in the input values for preset timer inside the udfb? best regards.
  13. How to create pop-ups in screens?

    yet I did not find a way to call this "popup" in the main screen of custom control.
  14. Hi guys . I need help for understand configuration types in inputs A and B for visiologic in PLC/IHM Samba. I hope you can help me. best regards, Mauro.
  15. Hi, I want to create a pop-up in my application. Because the crf21part 11 , I need to create a pop-up for user insert your sign and comment for actions log's. regards, Mauro.