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    problems with new realese unilogic 1.23.25

    yes! i discover the problem. This problem is in user. This software not work in all user the computer. After two days , trying all solutions , by chance.... work. thanks for your reply. regards, mauro.
  2. i have problems with unilogics 1.23.25 where open for work. I execute Unilogic Diagnostics and show me all normal. I try open and two seconds after it close , without notifier information. I don't have anti-virus in my computer. I need help for discover what cause this problem. Regards , Mauro .
  3. Thanks for your reply. Your team thinks about creating time to expire passwords, as I suggested no email sent? I need this resource very much. The rules for Pharmaceuticals are very demanding on this subject. The rules below are the same used for Microsoft. · Validity of passwords for a given time · Request to change password at first login after user creation is mandatory · Required password change after expiry date · Memorization of the last three passwords used by the user to block their reuse. · complexity criteria for creating passwords through configuration Thanks very much for support in this situations. Regards, Mauro Rovetta.
  4. Hello Saragani. I forgot to reinforce the need for renewal of passwords in periods as described in the good practices of microsoft in this link. Market systems have expiration dates and character complexity in passwords. Please request the R & D team to include this resource that the market demands along with the CRF21 part 11 standard. https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ff741764.aspx Regards, Mauro Rovetta.
  5. Today, I received a report, where the client tells me that he can not create users above 16 users in the application. I already sent the application to Dakol, here in Brazil and I can create dropbox files for you to analyze.
  6. Thanks for reply. I apologize on my English. I'm not always clear with words, so I created the video. I have many suggestions about the software and if it's possible to show this suggestions I will be happy to collaborate. I will send my suggestions in e-mail for your analysis. Regards, Mauro Rovetta.
  7. Hi, I'm using the latest version. I sent a video to Unitronics Suppot in Brazil, Dakol. I tried to attach the video , but it's not possible due to it size. I put on Youtube for more explanation: https://youtu.be/hWL26lcGx_U regards.
  8. Hi, I have an issue in the UAC module. When trying to "Login" with an null/empty user field or valid user name and wrong password , the system put the last user logged in the UAC struct. I don't understand why, but the system go back with last user & group. Regards.
  9. its possible create check box for include or disable message box popup( when press button logoff)?
  10. I would like be how to can create ladder code for logout user with internal action in ladder. Regards.
  11. Interroga

    USB driver for UniStream on Windows 10

    I cam same problem , but with w7. Not found in program files location.
  12. Interroga

    How to use a timer block in a UDFB?

    I declare external timer on logic. I will go testing . If working ok, i publish this results. Regars, mauro
  13. Interroga

    How to create pop-ups in screens?

    Ok, but I guess that's not the best way. If possible in the next version, we can create screens with resizing in the configuration. I appreciate your help. I hope the next release will be active.
  14. Interroga

    Subfolders for SD card DT folder

    any answer to the question?
  15. Thanks for your help. My problem was in encoder , where one out (B) not worked. I create animation with inputs for testing. because that's how I saw my problem. Thank you very much for all. Regards.