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  1. News ???? Other problem is about ack alarms , where any people can ack this alarms. I hope this acess to alarms ack is restricty some this user logged. Regards
  2. Interroga

    Group events in UAC (User Access Control) struct

    ok, i create logic for rastreability this actions , but is possible delete groups in internal setup. My client is pharmaceuticals company and need report the all actions . Other problem is ack alarm without user logged. I need have a possibility this acess to page alarm history or alarm sumary restrict this user logged . Or this ack with user logged always! Thanks in advance!! MAuro.
  3. Congratulations Isakovic!!!! your example is beautifull! Thank very much!!
  4. Interroga

    Why initial cycle bit blink during work?

    i put one increment and verify this problem. I see too the clock in screen blink sometimes. I hope the plc dont go to stop this cenario. Thanks for your reply. regards, mauro.
  5. Hi guys, we need help for write data in SQL table , for build report. We don't be how type for use this variable. I try string (all types), but not work. In anexx my table where need write . Thanks in advance.
  6. I would like be how can read UTC timezone in network for synchronize with internal RTC in my program? Thanks in advance.
  7. I'm with this UniStream 15" , where is with one routine and i declare bit initial cycle. The problem is he is blink after power on , during all time. I do not know what else to do. WhatsApp Video 2018-10-30 at 06.14.44.mp4
  8. Hi, In UAC (User Access Control) struct the next Group events are missing: - Change Group Name - Delete Group
  9. i would like be how to put limits in datatable wher edit values in row ? My logic have a limits and need help for this resource. regards, mauro
  10. How to create index for angle in images for rotary animations?
  11. hi guys !!! Any news about password expiration time? My clients question again and I have no answer for them. Regards.
  12. I'd like to suggest a column to disable or enable the action in pictures when i press. The same way it is done in the alarm group. Regards, MAuro.
  13. I try to put the name of the array in the alias field name of the channels of value inputs, but the software does not accept. I waste time building ladder to put each of the 8 channels in my array where it contains all the inputs of that type. The idea is not to waste time? you agree?
  14. I wold like how to make two interger in single variable , with pointer index ? Example int 1 (bin) = 1010010101010101 int 2 ( bin) = 111111111111111111 start index for 2° int : 16 position result : 111111111111111_ 1010010101010101 In VisiLogic have block for this ( vector fill) . But in unilogic not found this. You can help me. Regards , mauro.
  15. Ok, thanks for your reply. Now I have another question. what kind of variables in the "max in array" block can we use? I try to use boolean array to find any in true state, but software indicates error in checking. In the help d'ont you have information about types for use in this block. Regards