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  1. How to create index for angle in images for rotary animations?
  2. Hi, I have an issue in the UAC module. When trying to "Login" with an null/empty user field or valid user name and wrong password , the system put the last user logged in the UAC struct. I don't understand why, but the system go back with last user & group. Regards.
  3. hi guys !!! Any news about password expiration time? My clients question again and I have no answer for them. Regards.
  4. I'd like to suggest a column to disable or enable the action in pictures when i press. The same way it is done in the alarm group. Regards, MAuro.
  5. I wold like how to make two interger in single variable , with pointer index ? Example int 1 (bin) = 1010010101010101 int 2 ( bin) = 111111111111111111 start index for 2° int : 16 position result : 111111111111111_ 1010010101010101 In VisiLogic have block for this ( vector fill) . But in unilogic not found this. You can help me. Regards , mauro.
  6. I try to put the name of the array in the alias field name of the channels of value inputs, but the software does not accept. I waste time building ladder to put each of the 8 channels in my array where it contains all the inputs of that type. The idea is not to waste time? you agree?
  7. How to create index in arrays, for dynamic reading through index? I think the possible motion values in the storage block with a statement, between the [ ] where another variable would be placed to indicate the position in the array, the same way it is used in Rockwell and Siemens programs. Today the program obliges to create several logics to reach the same objective. The idea is save time? Example :variable [ index]==> BLOCK STORE ==> variable to be write the index is other variable int , put value the position in array.
  8. Ok, thanks for your reply. Now I have another question. what kind of variables in the "max in array" block can we use? I try to use boolean array to find any in true state, but software indicates error in checking. In the help d'ont you have information about types for use in this block. Regards
  9. Could ask its staff to include more information on the struct User Access Control Struct, for example event TYPE uint8, event UTC,..... what values and information each value show. not found informations about in help topic. Thanks in advance.
  10. Interroga

    Profibus & Profinet

    any good new about profinet communications in unilogic? I need command one inverter in this protocol! Heeellllpppp! Regards. Mauro
  11. I would like know why in real tags not possible control number of digits, equal the control in int tags? always when put numeric display in screen , the program show warnings , because i need 2 or 3 digits and numeric box require all digits show all characters. Today ,not possible removal the signal in numeric box. I was already forgetting, in the text boxes the same problem occurs. Example , user names in screen. Regards, Mauro
  12. I'm sorry for my opinion. I think a" jerry-rigged". Because this name is the variable "User Access Control Struct.User Name" and it is not spelled "last user name logged" and the previewed idea is current user name, not dependent on this login status. This is not clear from the available manuals. I know we can state our opinions so the software can be improved. That's why I participate in the forum. Thanks for example !!! Best regards.
  13. Hi, How to function the layer in HMI screen? Is it possible to change visible images with layer?
  14. If possible, show me an example of communication with the fx2n series through 485 media. One important information: All blocks in toolbox have ? simbol for explain funtion block .But COM:Serial don't have a help in help glossary . My doubt is if this block have a internal checksum or is necessary put together inside the message? Regards,
  15. Thanks NoamM for your reply. The problem is in last step, (" While the status is correct (5=invalid login), the user name and group name of last successful login appear in the struct") Is because the number group active receive the value the last user logged. This available the resources in the program , with criteria the actual level group. How can read actual number group if after a wrong login the number group return for last login group number? In my point of view, o number group can't receive values that indicate one valid group. I use actual user name in screen and cause confusion in operation to know and trust in information in the screen. This is my problem.....
  16. Hi, How to switch language in button names? I'm create application and is necessary change language conform country where for used. Can you help me? I try , but i only can change in configuration program and not dynamic mode , between variable in program. Regards.
  17. Interroga

    How to switch language in button names?

    one suggestion for developer team: i can't edit text in default language , only secondary language. why? it's more easy in the building program edit in block , and not one by one , in each object.
  18. * How would you change the visibility for one or more layers when after a screen already loaded. A: I use bollean variable in each layer, or put one index for active through value...
  19. I use fx2 series, it not have a modbus, because it is legacy system in site my client. I see examples , but not help me. After , i discovered in message composer having a checksum , optional and there was information about this resource in help . I feel like a blind man walking on the street with a walking stick looking for information. kkkkk... Thanks in advance for try help me.
  20. Any anwser? I need create app the same way.
  21. Unfortunately the last version of the software did not correct the problem of the return of the last logged in user, when a user was wrong or without permission. I ask for your help on the issue, as the customer continues to question this error. The last logged in user is logged out. The next user, upon logging in and entering an incorrect password, causes the system to place the last user again, enabling the last user's group functions.
  22. I've seen all the settings, but found no limitation on the users. I still use the program with another user on my pc and live normally. Sorry for not putting any new information in order to fix it. Thanks again for always help us. Mauro
  23. i have problems with unilogics 1.23.25 where open for work. I execute Unilogic Diagnostics and show me all normal. I try open and two seconds after it close , without notifier information. I don't have anti-virus in my computer. I need help for discover what cause this problem. Regards , Mauro .
  24. Interroga

    How to switch language in button names?

    Very good explanation. I did not find anything in the help about this doubt. Regards, Mauro
  25. ok , tks for explanation. I would like this tool for layer control, if possible. Regards. Mauro