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  1. Ok, this last one works for me. Thank you Saragani.
  2. I can reconstruct your message with my code, even got response from PLC. But in a response packet I'm always getting two Headers and Footers with some data that cannot understand what they represent. In your example what actually represent length C4 ?
  3. Still can't get it to work. What kind is that binary request without message details ? I have datatable with just one part of project column LONG size, and want to read just one value in request (one cell).
  4. Hi, Saragani. Did you manage to look into source code for more information about operation 75 ?
  5. I can't get it to work. "Part of the project" column is 4 bytes long. I'm using Flash address as seen in Visilogic as start adress for request, is that correct ?
  6. I'm not. I'm using binary mesage format (as described in your PDF manual) within my own c++ code.
  7. How to read values from column that are defined as part of the project via PCOM ?
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