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  1. How long will auto-tune attempt to "hit" the high and/or low range? I had a customer that was trying to run the auto-tune with the system hot. The auto-tune ran for hours without completing.
  2. It turns out that the timer was use else where in the code and that was causing the reset. Thank you for all the help!
  3. No, if the pressure stays high, MB216 stays on and the timer continues to reset. Which doesn't make since because of the rising edges.
  4. I need to turn on an MB216 for 1 minute and then turn off MB216. This particular project has a function that is activated when the pressure gets too high. The existing code assumes that the function will release the pressure. If it does not it runs forever and makes a mess. Also, if this happens more than three times in an hour I need to alarm. If I turn up the pressure it stays high and only counts as one event. My attempts so far, either do not turn on MB216 or it never turns off. I am sure it is easy and I am probably overlooking something.
  5. MB216 starts TE21 and TE21 should stop MB216. Do I need to use an intermediary to get this to work?
  6. TE21 is counting down now, but the N.C. contact is open while it is counting. It is also resetting when it reaches 0.
  7. It turns out that a contact in my e-stop circuit was negated.
  8. I tried the TE, but it doesn't function how I think it should.
  9. Noob question: How can I turn on a bit for 1 min? In all of my attempts, the timer starts counting down again when it reaches 0 and the bit stays high.
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