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  1. Greeatings i have problem with read data on xdate. I connect my V700 to xdata but i cant reed my table . In attach you can see photo of xdata. In examples i finde xdata example for v570 i try same code but some register I cant use on V700. Have someone expirience with this .
  2. I see now, thank you for your help now remote operator work , thank you
  3. I have a new problem, I tried with another laptop, to try the remote operator, however the same problem is just that now I can't even load the program over Ethernet. I try with static ip but same problem , i try to change ip but same
  4. Yes I can download with tcp protocol , but i cant connect to remote operator and xdata . I use V700 use socket 0, pot 20256, ip ,
  5. Hi; I have one more problem I cant connect to my remote operator . I have this error . Have you some idea ?
  6. I try it but ,when first time write it is ok , when i change my value of MI it write first value
  7. I try to see what happend , but same problem is with MI ,i set my orginal program photo, and you can see result in datatable, I write water you can see result is SE720
  8. On the photo you can see Proizvod string 10, on the second photo i try with ML to ML and i see first ML is empty if i write example water in datatable I have only r. ML 10 is correct on datatable Proizvod
  9. Greeatings , How can i write ASCII string of 10 char in DataTable type String 10 , ASCCII string start adress of vector is 100 , when i write example "start " i have only st , this is why MI is 2byte i neded 5 . Have you some example for this ? thank you
  10. Thank you for answer , on my question . ethernet cable is plugged in and flashing is ok , in cmd when i try ping my adress i dont loss any package . Its work , but when I try on visilogic i have error 210
  11. Greeatings . Can someone help me , i cant connect my pc and v700 plc whit TCP/IP protocol. I see tutorial and configurate all but same problem cant connect. Can someone help me ?
  12. have you some example for that ? I can use ML variable to store old and new value of encoder , If my target value is same like value of encoder i stop encoder and do other function
  13. ok that but how reset my counting of encoder i use v700 encoder have a b z . when i count 350mm i set some bit , and i need encoder set to 0 ?
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