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    HSC on jazz ua24

    model of encoder is hengsteler 500 pulse per revolution , the output from encoder is 24 vdc , supply is 10-30vdc of encoder , i Will direct conect my encoder to plc , i have problem With code hoW can i counting this impuls from encoder have you example for that, for example one my tun is 50 cm or 500mm i must do experiment hoW much impulse i have for this length i need only example for encoder other math and leader i Will make yourself , only hoW count or hoW read encoder signal
  2. Greeatings. Can someone help me how can i measuring lenght with my encoder on jazz ua24. I can finde any documetation about it how can i measuring something with encoder. if someone have exmaple please post .
  3. t0r3r0s

    Password protection

    I finde solution .
  4. Greeatings. Can someone explane me how can i protect my parametars with pasword on jazz 20 I need one screen with options for pasword when pasword is correct i open parametars screen one if pasword isnt corect open new screen with messagee pasword wrong. Have someone to help me about it
  5. Greeatings i post second topic about alarm , i cant understund how can i make it on visilogic I post my photo and if someone can explane step by step how can i make alarms on hmi on this photo you can see mb 128 trigger my alarm http://pokit.org/get/?b53494f5c7087a0c82b9f126ab01c63b.jpg how can i activate this from leader i dont understand IN and out of show alarms - and how create history of alarm screen Must I make screen of history or visilogic have alarm menager like other plc
  6. M57 is time for "start obavijesti" M58 is time for "Stop obavijesti" ML81 is day of month and ML 80 is month i have only problem with days
  7. ok i make mistake on photo one , but i have this problem on photo one you can see day of month isnt on why ??? on photo two you see what i set on my plc on photo 3 are my definition of day of month http://pokit.org/get/?f08eb856ab7f8cded373411b2a4ee7f5.jpg http://pokit.org/get/?c44d1571d8c8a67db5deb6be38915e8b.jpg http://pokit.org/get/?6c12be8aeb7494e0ae77edf287327d5e.jpg
  8. I need alarm screen on hmi , where i can find allarm history , and can i on unitronics do something like this : when alarm is activate example security circuit is broken down , i need pop up with message circuit is broken ? i have one more question about indirect function on photo you can see my leader diagram http://pokit.org/get/?4e32ee4c563cefb6ee9722e39481ef5f.jpg http://pokit.org/get/?63103df24bd0eacbb2befc9000babcf2.jpg http://pokit.org/get/?0c66c4829007019b5e5e2c57421ae8e4.jpg why dont load hmi screen when timers are on ? you can see on photo 1 and 3 diagram on photo two are timers one more questions here if you see on select day of month when i select 20 day day 1 is automatic on why ???
  9. Greeatings . Can someone post or explane me how alarms screen make on hmi ? If someone have some example that be better . Thank you
  10. OK i have one question When i make on hmi password , how can i it compare with my entry ? if entry equal with password i need to entry to hmi screen new if isnt equal i need to show other screen with text wrong password I resolve my problem
  11. ok i send you I have one more question , subroutin are always call or only when line is on ? Euroaquaing.vlp
  12. Greeatings . I need help , i make one subrutine and i cant restart my timer in this subrutine, in attach i set my code for subroutine if someone can set for me timer on pleace that can help me or say me how can i make it. What i need , when i run my subroutine i activate my timer if timer si on i reset all my output and set Stop_filtration_top, this bit is important to me , whit this bit i call my second subroutine and if this second subroutin is finish i restart Stop_filtration_top and can back to first routine filtration.vlx
  13. Greeatings, I need some help about password protection one screen, what i need , i need one button which open a new screen but when i press button i must first enter password and than screen will open can someone explane me how can i do that
  14. Can you share us your idea for password