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  1. Greeatings . I have one problem vvith measuring temperature vvith pt100. I use v1210 and expansion module pt400 , i have pt 100 vvith tvvo pt100 , problem is vvhen i start my inverter temperature value get some crazy value not good , vvhen motor is off temperature is ok . Have someone this problem on this module ? Thank you
  2. I vvork vvith vision 1210 , and I have expansion module like iodi16-to16. On input I52 I 53 I have high speed input. on this input i vvire one pnp or npn sensor ,I have disk vvith 12 pulses per revolution , I need to calculate rpm and this information is feedback for PID.
  3. greeatings . have you some examples , i need to measuring rpm its for me feedback for pid.
  4. Greeatings , I have one problem with u90 leader , I need to mul two number and result is bigger than 32k. After mul this number i need to div , and that is problem i cant get right result. Expmple : MI0 = 1000 MI2= 53 MI4=53000 that is ok , How can i divide MI4 now whit some number example 100 ??? Can someone help me ?
  5. Greeatings . I use Fotek SSR-40 DA this relay have input 3-30VDC , i read all your post and i vvill try vvith pvvm like you say
  6. pid for valves isnt problem i have analog output module , but problem is vvith controling temperature , can you explane me hovv can i use pvvm scan
  7. I know, only digital TO have high speed , only try with examples of kratmel
  8. I use vision V280 for this project , i use IO16DIA3/RO16 , Module for thermocouple , analog output for valves .
  9. i finde controling ssr with pwm , ssr work 0 off 1 on , i cant belive they have module for Thermocouple but not module for controling ssr
  10. Greeathings. I need some help about how control ssr relay with digital inputs . I use ssr relay for control temperature , in FB PID I dont see MB or O . Have some solution about that. Thank you
  11. Greeatings i have problem with read data on xdate. I connect my V700 to xdata but i cant reed my table . In attach you can see photo of xdata. In examples i finde xdata example for v570 i try same code but some register I cant use on V700. Have someone expirience with this .
  12. I see now, thank you for your help now remote operator work , thank you
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