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  1. Thanks. This solution definitely solved my problem Best regards
  2. PRU.rar That's it. I tried to use INV(A+B/n) function. Everything is OK except: - the second INT number(MI) has always 3 digits (It is enough 2 for me I don't know how change it) - Visualization - I put two numeric variable window on the screen and it shows me almost what I need - zero (first window) and 3 digits (second window). All right, but I need point between it and at all the view of two areas filled with digits without point looks not beatiful )) In the attached file you can see this two areas Thanks a lot
  3. I found two function which can be used for converting floating point numbers: A+B/n and INV(A+B/n). Is that it?
  4. Thanks a lot. But my code is written on LAD so I can send you whole project. Does it fit?
  5. Good day. Somebody tell me please how to change number of digits in fractional part in the numeric variable in case if this variable shows floating point number? (It is set to 9 by default) I use the VisiLogic OPLC IDE version 9.8.31 Build 0 I tried to change number of digits on 2 but when I opened my variable again I saw that number of digits was set to 9 again Thanks in advance
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