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  1. Hi Joe, thanks for the reply. Devices I am using are Citizen P291 printer and Zebra DS3678 scanner. I have the protocol block for the printer and I can communicate with them when they are connected to separate COM ports. I doubt that these devices are capable of having a device id assigned to it. If they are, I am not sure how to assign these ID's. If they are not capable of having device ID's, is it possible to have any additional hardware to be able to assign these devices an ID?
  2. I have multiple devices such as printers(2) and scanners(2) that I want to communicate to using only 1 COM port in V1040 PLC. Printers and scanners support RS232/RS485 protocols. Can someone suggest on how can I achieve this? I looked at options with Modbus protocols, but I didn't understand how can I assign network id's to my printers and scanners. If I am required to have any additional hardware, please suggest.
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