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    I use Linux+KDE as Desktop for about 10 years now and I am happy. For all applications where Windows is essential I have seperate VMs in Virtualbox. One for each Application such as KEIL51/166 IDE, Cadece/Altium schema/pcb and now one for Visilogic/UniLogic and so on. By doing so, I can select the optimal OS for the application. I use Windows XP/7/8/10. The only drawback is the amount of RAM (have 64GB yet) needed, but thats negligible facing the all the other advantages. I have no problems with USB/serial devices + direct routing USB to VMs with Virtualbox at all. By direct routing raw USB (at kernel level), a Linux Driver is not necessary bc the Driver runs in (virtual) Windows. If this is not possible with VMWare you can try to adapt your UDEV rules for USB on your Linux host. Linux is a little bit stubborn, when non root users try to alter things on USB other than drives and network devices.
  2. Hey Joe! (love this song BTW!) Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences! First of all: I did'nt want to provoke a clash of culture here in the forum, but when I read your, Aus's and my posts, I might have done this "job" fairly good. To end this, I think we can agree, that the portion of ah's and bs-talkers is constant at every point in the known universe. Einstein suspected that a hundred years ago. And I'm wondering why there is no SI unit therfore. I wish, I could turn back time and alter my statement "marketing bs" to "bs marketing". That would be my exact statement, even its a little rude though. I know that marketing is absolutely necessary, especially for a product like Unitronic's. This is highly honourable, but it's also a little pointless imho when high value information is buried in a forum and especially because it does not tackle the causes. I dont want to discredit or belittle your work, but I think there are much more contemporary ways to bundle and condense all those, in most case important, informations. It's the year 2018. And god gave us such things as wikis and CMSes. See and be amazed: http://darksouls2.wikidot.com/ Thats a wiki for a computer game i absolutely love. Every Information about this game is bundeled here in thousands(!) of pages. And its completely user driven. No company involved. I believe it is time that someone (especially the moderators of this forum) should urge unitronics to create a central information center like a wiki.That would be a win-win-win (Unitronics-forum mods-customer) situation and a form of "non-bs-marketing" in a hundred bucks/month price range. Not mentioned, that such a wiki is capable to auto-generate things like helpfiles, include a bugtracker, etc. BTW: I would be the first one, who would contribute to such a thing. Best regards!
  3. @Aus I admit, that documentation of german companies isnt always first grade. As you said - nobody is perfect. I had issues you described by myself. But you must admit, that there is a huge difference in documentation, when you compare Unitronics and Siemens. But I dont want to kick off a discussion about german documentary quality vs. the rest of the world. At this point you got me wrong. I know Unitronics PLCs are great. We have some production equipment in our company with Untronics PLCs and we never had problems with em. My Point was, that for the incredible low prices, somewhere has to be a flaw. And I situate the flaws in information and documentation. But better this way than the other way around.
  4. Hi Flex, Thanks for clarification, I edited my comment accordingly. Regards
  5. Hey Aus! My complain maybe wasnt very polite but it wasnt unjustified too. We're not talking about a typo, were talking about a product feature, which is very prominently advertised in the middle of a product information page as one of "the"six key product features. And if its advertised in a vague "up to", i expect information about what this "up to" means. In no case it should mean: "Download and install our software and then try and look at all the products we have to get a clue of what our marketing dpt hides behind a wall of fuzziness". Dont get me wrong, I am not talking about a bad product, i think the plcs are great and worth every penny, but in terms of information and documentation Unitronics has a long way to go imho. The "# of PIDs" issue is just the tip of the iceberg for me. Im fiddling around with UniLogic, VisiLogic and U90 for two weeks (not exclusive!) now and was trapped more than once a day in information holes. I got out of them sometimes by searching the Forum, sometimes by trying, sometimes by a phone call to the german distributor Spectra. An old rule here in germany says: "You get what you pay for". Maybe the flaws in information and documentation are the price for an otherwise great product at a low cost. Maybe I expect too much. As an german developer, who often works with products by Siemens, Bosch and other brands of this category i am pretty spoiled in terms of how documentation should be. If anyone is offended by "bs", I apologize. But on the other hand, we here in germany are believers in clear words.. Regards, Selli
  6. Hi Denis! Thanks for your reply! Unfortunately you are wrong. The "Overview" states: Auto-tune PID, up to 4 loops And this is a very unclear statement. The truth is, that only few models have four PID loops. Most Jazz PLCs have only one. And NOWHERE on the website or ANY OTHER DOC, a customer can lookup to the actual number of PIDs for every model. Not even in the datasheets for the PLCs. The ONLY Way to get that Information is to do a HW-configuration for every Jazz PLC in VisiLogic and check the number of PIDs there. So did Joe, so did I. Unitronics should spend more effort in documentation and the help files and less in marketing bs that dont tell the (whole) truth. Regards, Selli
  7. Hi Joe! Thank you for your reply! I acquire all my input value(s) and set all output value(s) via MODBUS. I share your consideration about moving up to Vision, because there is a V130 without I/O but with MODBUS built in, which is not much expensive than a Jazz+Com Module. This way I have all the PIDs that i want + graphics Display + many other benefits. Thank you anyway! Selli Edit: You wrote "I tried several hardware configurations...". So did I. But why is the amount of available PIDs not mentioned in any of Unitronics documents, helpfiles and websites?
  8. Hi@all, U90 Help file says about #of PID loops: "Jazz controller loop capacity varies according to model." Unitronics website says about Jazz PLCs: "Auto-tune PID, up to 4 loops" I thought about using a Jazz JZ20-R10 for my Project and need two PID loops. When I select "PID" in U90Ladder only one PID is configurable. My question: Which Jazz PLC does have 2 or more PID loops? - or - Where can I obtain informaition about # of PID loops in Jazz PLCs I searched the website, the forum, specsheets and have not found any information about it. Thanks forward! Selli
  9. Hello everyone! I want to schedule a task, which starts at a specific time today and ends (maybe) tomorrow at a calculated time. How do I achieve this? The schedule FB seems to work only when start and end are on the same day. Do I have to calc wether the off time is on another day and use a second schedule FB in this case? Or can I use a schedule FB with a end time earlier then start time? Pls dont mention to simply try it, because I cant. Unfortunately, I have no PLC for trying right now. Thanks forward!
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