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  1. GonzaloRoldan_

    Reset HSC by ladder

    Thanks @Cara Bereck Levy! Hope you've enjoyed your holiday weekend :).. Yes, it was not the answer I was waiting for, but at least, it's working, that's the important thing. Thanks again to everyone!! Cheers, Gonzalo
  2. GonzaloRoldan_

    Reset HSC by ladder

    Hey Aus.. They seem to be completely different as you said.. You're right about the existence other models that have more HCS inputs, but the point is that I chose and bought this model because it has others features I need (PT100, analog inputs, PWM, transitor outputs, etc.). So I bought the expansion I mentioned before in order to reach the number of HCS I was needing (an other features of course), thinking they work the same way as the onboard IOs do. So if there's no other option, I'll have to reset it by hardware.. But I'm still surprised that it's impossible to do it by software, it's kind of weird. Cheers, Gonza
  3. GonzaloRoldan_

    Reset HSC by ladder

    Hi Joe!.. As Ausman said, you can use an ML o DW, buy it'll has a finite limit like you comment. I'll consider the EXF-RC15 module for future machines, but in this case I have to solve it without it. If there's no possibility to implement a reset via software, I'll do it via hardware associating a DO to the physical reset of the HSCs. Hey Ausman! I agree with you too.. I have to say that I don't know very well how it works. The V350 model that I have, has only 1 HSC, it's the V350-35-TA24. Cheers, Gonzalo
  4. GonzaloRoldan_

    Reset HSC by ladder

    Hi people!! Thanks everyone for the interest and the willingness about this topic. I'm learning new things I haven't thought before, as Flex said. Perfecto Cara!! Lo tendré en cuenta también para futuras cuestiones. Finalmente me dieron soporte desde los representantes de Argentina, aunque no hemos llegado a un conclusión aún. Muchas gracias por la amabilidad. That's a good way to avoid using hardware reset. Thanks for sharing Guy Sela! I might implement something similar..
  5. GonzaloRoldan_

    Reset HSC by ladder

    I didn't know that and I think it's not well explain anywhere (help files, installation guides, etc) as other people said in this forum.. Where did you read that? I completely agree with you Aus!.. At the moment I made it work but using a digital output connected to both hardware reset pins of the HSCs, but that's really useless.. It's strange that people cannot reset it by soft. As you say, it doesn't seem to be too unusual. Thanks Flex.. We'll see. By the way, I contacted Argentinian's Unitronics Support, but the didn't answer. Cheers people! Gonzalo
  6. GonzaloRoldan_

    Reset HSC by ladder

    Hey Joe T. I would like to post it, but my boss does not allow me to post the whole program. I'll try to reduce it and give it to you. Hey Gabriel!.. I have just tried using HSC with snap in, and I could reset it.. The problem is when I try to reset the HSC of the expansion module IO-D16A3-RO16, I can't make it work. And I do need to use it, because I have to use 2 HSC and the V350 has only one. Thanks!
  7. GonzaloRoldan_

    Reset HSC by ladder

    Hey Aus! I read your post and immediately tried it, but it also didn't work haha.. I'm not giving up, I'll win this battle .. Hope we can find a solution Thanks!! Gonzalo
  8. GonzaloRoldan_

    Reset HSC by ladder

    Yes, the subroutine is always being called. I've just tried it, but it hasn't worked. I don't know what could be wrong with that.
  9. GonzaloRoldan_

    Reset HSC by ladder

    Hi Ausman! Yes, I've already tried it, but it didn't work.. I attach the whole net. Cheers, Gonzalo
  10. GonzaloRoldan_

    Reset HSC by ladder

    Yes, I will use an DW to avoid overflow, but once the process is finished I do need to reset it before starting a new one. That's why I wanted to do it by software.. I'll wait a little more and if there no more replies I'll write to them. I'll post their answer here in order to help anyone that's having the same trouble. Thanks Flex!! Cheers
  11. GonzaloRoldan_

    Reset HSC by ladder

    No.. I've already tried it.. I also tried a block function that is call "Reset HSC" (Utils - Inmediate), but it didn't work, or maybe I'am not using it well.
  12. Hi everyone! Is there any way to reset the MI associated to an HSC input by software? The problem is that if I don't do that, it will overflow. Thanks in advance, Gonzalo PS: I'm using a V350
  13. GonzaloRoldan_

    Project Status

    Thanks Flex!! It's good to know that it won't cause any problems.. Cheers, Gonzalo
  14. Hi everyone! Today I opened a project with VisiLogic, and it's the first time that when the VisiLogic was loading, it appeared a message saying that "The project contains a section that must be defragmented".. After a few seconds everything was normal.. What about that message? What does it means? Thanks! Gonzalo
  15. Hi John! Thanks for the willingness. I agree with you. But there's no harm for the user if he need to do some adjustments to the machine and it turns to RUN mode accidentally. That STOP mode, will be activated at the same time that a mechanical relay will cut off the power of a pump and a solenoid valve, once the user opens one door. The only thing that could hurt him once the door is open, is that pump and the liquid that comes trough the solenoid valve (NC), and it'll be power off by software and hardware.. I need to stop the process as well, in order to keep it running as before (timers and outputs), after the user makes the changes to the pump. Regards, Gonzalo