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  1. Hi everyone!I'm developing a project with UniLogic v1.25.61 for the UniStream USP-104-B10. I would like to know if someone have linked UniStream with any API to send Whatsapp messages instead of emails or SMS. If not, can anyone suggest where to start exploring? Thanks in advance! Gonzalo
  2. Dear @NoamM, Thanks for considering my requests. I hope we can use them asap in futures upgrades, it is very important for the projects we are developing. Cheers, Gonzalo
  3. Ugh, that could be something to take into account for futures updates of Unistream @Cara Bereck Levy.
  4. Hi @Flex727, that could be an option. I'm also thinking of accessing remotely to the router configurations (which requires authentication) in order to enable/disable the ports.
  5. The same is happening to me. I've already tried in 2 differents PLCs. If I refresh the webpage, the image also refresh. But if I just clicked on it, it stay with the same image. I'm developing a project with UniLogic v1.25.61 for the UniStream USP-104-B10. Thanks!
  6. Hi everyone! I'm developing a project with UniLogic v1.25.61 for the UniStream USP-104-B10. Everything's working, but I'm dealing with these 2 things: Is it possible to change the web server login language? Is it possible to redirect the user to different web pages after logging in, depending on its own user level? Thanks in advance!
  7. You're welcome @Joe Tauser, that's the way this forum works 😁. One more question... Leaving the ports open, is there anyway to prevent (or protect) unwanted access to our PLCs? I mean, if someone knows the IP address of it and also the Online and Download ports, any project can be downloaded to the PLC. Is it possible to ask for an authentication before being able to download a project in it? Or is there any other inderect way to protect it? Thanks in advance!
  8. Hi everyone. I've solved the problem. Now it's working, even with "Use Ping on Discovery" option enable. The thing was that my ISP was closing port 22. What I've done is portforwarding another external port (4000) and redirecting it to the internal port 22. Thanks to everyone!
  9. Hi @Flex727, yes, I have both ports forwarded correctly I think. Here you are a screen capture of it:
  10. Hi everyone, I've already tried what you've all said, but it's still not working. I portforward the PLC and I can access throught a different network to the WebServer writing the static IP address following to the port: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:41080 (that's the port I've chosen). When I try to download a project to that PLC, I cannot establish the connection with it: PS: I have already disable "Use Ping on Discovery" option in "Project->Options" UniLogic menu.
  11. Yes @Flex727, you're right, I'm mixing up the terms (I apologise for that). I want to do what you've said. Use UniLogic to download my project into a remote UniStream PLC, and I've not been succesful in doing that yet. I'll consider everthing all of you have said and I will try it tonight. I'll let you know the results. Thanks!
  12. @Flex727 I need to download the program I have in my laptop to a UniStream that is 400km away from me, so, I have to do it through Internet, and the thing is that I want to do it directly from UniStream, putting the static IP address of the PLC in the software and clicking on "Full Download", but at the moment, I haven't been able to do it. That's it @Ausman.. I want to do what you've said. If you can do that with Vision, I would like to know how do you do @Flex727, no matter that it's other software, it could help me anyway. I haven't tried this yet, I'll do it tonight: Thanks in advance @AlexUT!
  13. Hi! I would really like to be able to sort data tables! That will be an excellent upgrade. As @JPowell said: Another great thing, is to have the possiblity to change Web Server language and also the language of the UniApps in the HMI. Thanks!
  14. Hi everyone! I'm developing a project with UniLogic v1.25.61 for the UniStream USP-104-B10. I would like to know if there's any way to donwload a project via Internet to a PLC that is connected to it (internet, not in the same network). The PLC is working as a WebServer, and has its own static IP address. Thanks in advance! Gonzalo
  15. Hi! Sorry for the delay, but I was working on that because I needed to solve it asap. The DTI can be sorted from the beginning. The number of rows is variable (no more than 20). I managed to work it out, it wasn't the most efficient way I think, but it works. If someone needs it, just tell me and I'll post it here. Cheers people!
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