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  1. Thanks Flex, but I've already tried that and it didn't work. Anyway, I replace the FB with a Direct Coil (MB152), and I assigned in another rung, a Positive Transaction Contact (Rise) of the MB152 to the FB and it's working now! I think it's a kind of bug of the VisiLogic. Thanks again Flex!! Cheers
  2. Hi everyone! I'm having a problem when I try to make the line I attached works. MB151 is just a simple graphic button (that's not toggle). When I press it, it doesn't fill the vector with zeros, it only load the HMI display. But if I delete the command to load the HMI display, it works properly. What can be wrong? Thanks in advance! PS: I'm using a V350
  3. Insert String to String

    Thanks Flex! It works now.. At first I looked at the graphic but I didn't get it at all.. So thanks again for helping me! Cheers
  4. Thanks, I have already done it. I'm using a V350.
  5. Hi everyone! I'm having a problem with "Insert String to String" function.. I can't make it works.. Can someone tell me how to use it, and how to fill all the operands? I just have 2 strings in differents MI, and want them to be just ONE string. Thanks in advance!