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  1. Okay thanks Alex; I'll look into this when I get more time. I've got 6 systems in the field and also want to look at adding in a data historian server for data analysis.
  2. Flex 727 - SD Card is formatted and is successfully logging additional tables every minute. SD card is 14.4GB SB217 is 1 when card is installed HTML is stored in Web folder as advised
  3. Has anyone managed to get the enhanced webserver running on a V1040? I have had success using the simple webserver. This works fine both locally and remotely, so port forwarding is operational. I would like to use the enhanced webserver ( using HTML). I downloaded the sample to my V1040 , and compiled the start.html ( as directed from webinar), and stored it on my SDCard. When I go to browser and type in IP ( local or remote) the website never appears.. Seems okay when I run the preview in Brackets. Any thoughts/suggestions?
  4. I'm having some intermittent problems with a V 1040. When I power up , The touch screen will often just not work. I've checked the SB 8 bit online and it doesn't respond to a touch. The battery is new and shows status as good. I can access and control online through remote operator even when the screen is completely frozen. This is been happening intermittently for a boat two months now and I cannot find a solution . Any suggestions would greatly help
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