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  1. Dear all!

    Is there any possibility to use encoders with SSI - Serial Synchronous Interface  together with UniStream system?

    The connection via SSI  is for absolut encoders very stable, fast and simple to use. And a unexpensive option for the rotary and linear position encoders.

    I´m just missing the respective input modul in Your portfolio.

    I intend to use the UniStream to control retrofited machinery - mecanical presses.

    They are running up to 40 cycles per minute, by resolution of min. 360 degree I need to read in a fresh value at least every 4 ms.

    Modbus or TCP/IP is not capable of this and is very rare to find encoders with this interface.

    About CAN bus I´m not sure and I can not spent months for basic science and experiments.

    Bitparallel is obsolete and expensive, and if the customer would discover it... they would laugh.

    Any ideas / sugestions?

    Thanks and regards



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