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  1. Ausman, I appreciate the information but sadly I had to go with modbus. Half of the cabling was already ran and modbus ports were the only thing I had available on all 10 PLC's. Hotwires, would you be willing to share how you did this with me? I am having trouble figuring out how to get my master to poll each plc one after the other.
  2. I am in the process of trying to get my 1210 to communice with a string of 120's and 130's via modbus 485 for a total of 10 PLC's in a master slave set up. Each of these plcs need to be read and written too. I am rather new to networking PLC's and mostly self taught. Your expertise of programming I believe would greatly help me in my struggle with this. Ausman and hotwires could you send me examples or vlp files of what you did to get your systems working properly? Thank you!
  3. I need to read multiple Modbus registers from a non Unitronics controller. These registers are not consecutive registers. What is the best way to do this? Multiple Read Holding Registers (3) one after another? Rung examples of your ideas would be most helpful and appreciated. Thanks!!!
  4. I have attached a photo of my Master Main Routine. Does anyone see an issue with what I have here? It was partially working this morning and now it isn't working at all.
  5. Thank you! I tried this using the Read/Write Mixed Data but it still is not working. I have uploaded the new updated programs, can you see what I am doing wrong? Also how do I know if communications is working correctly; is there a way to check it? Unit 1 Governor Pump_7.31.18.vlp Unit 2 Governor Pump_7.31.18.vlp Unit 3 Governor Pump_7.31.18.vlp
  6. I have three V430-J-RH6 PLC's, they will be communicating via RS-485. Each of these plc's are running two pumps for that specific unit. My end game is to make sure that none of the units have pumps running at the same time so we don't have power issues, ex. Unit 1 is running a pump so unit 2 and unit 3 cannot run their pumps until unit 1 is finished etc. I know how to program that part in but my struggle at the moment is with how to best get that information to each PLC. I need each PLC to have constant feedback of information from each other PLC. I need each unit to know when the other units are on and off. Is a struct command the best way to do this? If not what is, and how do I implement it? I have looked into the help files on Modbus master and slave for sharing information (read holding registers, and preset holding registers) but it doesn't look like they can share MB's between plc's? I also don't quite understand how those work. Any help in this would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you! Unit 1 Governor Pump_7.31.18.vlp Unit 2 Governor Pump_7.31.18.vlp Unit 3 Governor Pump_7.31.18.vlp
  7. The extract Struct is set up exactly the same and I'm not sure about the first question. As for communications we are using TCP/IP we have a V1210 Connected with three V130-33-R4's. I'm sorry I am new to this forum, to what code are you referring? Thank you for helping.
  8. Sorry for the delayed response on this. I have been out on leave for the last few months. I have attached my programs. It is a multi-controller set up. Node 10 is the main HMI in our Control room and Node 11 communicates with it and with 12 and 13 all of which are located in a different location and communicate via fiber and TCP/IP back to 10. Our encoders all talk over unican. I am not having issues with 11 and 13, my problem lies with PLC 12. For some reason my commands are not transferring all the information back to nodes 11 and 10. I have attached all four of my programs for your review. I have a program that is sending information from slave to master and vise versa. This program was written for me and I do not completely understand all the communications aspects of it but my problem I believe lies with a struct command on the Master. I have a struct collect command collecting information from mixed data locations to vector. I am collecting data from three locations, ML20- Length 5, MB150-length 16, and ML 160-lenth 6. The struct extract command in the ladder of the slave is extracting the data correctly for everything but the ML 160's. For some reason the ML160 data will not transfer to the slave. Does anyone have any ideas what issue could be and how I can fix this? Thank you so much for your help on this! Newest_USACE_10_9v4 3.21.2018 Set Node Lake Levels.vlp Newest_USACE_11_9v4 3.21.2018 Set Node Lake Levels.vlp Newest_USACE_13_9v4 3.21.2018 Set Node Lake Levels.vlp USACE_12_9v4 3.21.2018 Set Node Lake Levels.vlp
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