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  1. first thanks for your response have 24v+ and 0v present in there place but the same probleme any other idea please
  2. i have a machine that work good few month with v570 hmi and snap i/o module V200-18-E3XB and expansion EX-D16A3-RO8 module but now the machine was stoped i mean the i/o of expansion was work corectly but the snap i/o dont work propebly i mean in snap i/o module the analuge input and analoge output work put digital input and output dont work. when i test input/output in info mode they work corectly but in application they dont i dont know what happer
  3. Hi, I change a battery without saving table date. How can I restore the table date?
  4. thanks sir is thermocouple make probleme with plc or not because plc said thermocouple hate and thermocouple error
  5. please help what is mean dlu and how i use it
  6. i will show you some photo i ask you about dlu :the app is allready backup what is mean
  7. no sir i buy a machine with unitronics v570 plc its lid applicator my workers have change many setting in software and now input and output not work correctly sow i want to restore my plc factory reset
  8. hi i am new in forum and i need a help i lose setting of my machine and i want to restore application of v570 how i can do this