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  1. Hello ! Everything is ok ! Another guy working with me on the project unplugged the 0V wire on the power after the first tests with analogic outputs... so thermocouples wiring doesn't work. We modified this and now, all is functional. Use the thermocouples values is easy with visilogic. Thanks for help Josselin
  2. Hello, thanks for answers ! Yes i removed thermocouples'wires for picture. It's to show all other things are ok. i've used t- and t+ for channels 0 and 1. i tryed to reverse wires but nothing's better. withe wire on the t- and black wire on the t+ I read the doc and understand that input value deviates greatly but why ? i don't see where the 12 or 14 bits resolution may be selected by software (point 7 of the doc)... maybe that's the pb... an idea ? Joss
  3. Hello, i have a v700 plc with a v200-18-e4xb module. i want to use a thermocouple with it. i've configured visilogic with "T/C type J, no filter, mode °C, OP MI1" (see picture) i wired it on the analog channel t- and t+ 0 andVA are ok with 24vdc (digitals input and output, analog output are ok and functional) i've set the jumper 3,4,5,6,7,8 on the B position but when i power on, the MI is 32767 Someone can help me to found why doesn't works ? thanks Josselin