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  1. I) Research design The system will have interfacing unit, power control unit, which includes keyed power switch with internal circuit breaker, auxiliary control unit, which includes all controls includes status lights, which includes cement gate closed/opened, aggregate gate opened/closed, and load complete, weight control unit (weight measuring device) for each component of the concrete , Cement and Aggregate control contains status light in each gate and weigh discharge gate control and mixer control unit, which includes fully integrated mixer control, mixer start/stop control and mixer discharge control. Here, in our project we have reservoir for each components of concrete. Using interfacing system (using micro controller), and weight measuring device, the weight of each component is measured with certain delay the discharging of each components of the concrete by weight with required set point in to common hopper is stored. If the ratio of each component is reached to the desired ones, the motor starts and the shaft blade rotates and mixing is done. Unless the ratio is correct, mixing is not done. When the set time of the mixing is reached, the concrete discharge gate is opened. so what mechanism you recommend to use control the gate of each ingredient and what types of gate you recommend for me,,,,,, what will happen if i will use electrical actuated butterfly valve? and what type of load cell is used for weight measurement of each ingredients? please help me am new for all thing Figure 1. feeding system of our project to mixer
  2. I have read your post, very interesting...at least for me:) I'm working also now on a similar project like this. what types of valve i will be used for sand, cement, garvel, and water please recommed me
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