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  1. Hello, I am trying to communicate V560 with Rectifier through modbus RS485. PLC pin Details:- Rectifier Pin details:- pcr01 protocol communication Ver 3_23 EN.pdf protocol Support:-Mod bus ASCII fig 1.0 Please Reply Following Points: 1. Is it possible to communicate Unitronics PLC with Rectifier. 2. If Possible how to connect between PLC and Rectifier.(PLC RS485 2 wire and Rectifier rs 485 4 wire ). 3. If I short TX+ to RX+ and TX- , RX- and connect A+ and A- terminal to PLC. is it okay this way? 4. Shall i need to use converter half duplex to full duplex . 5. Rectifier is Supports only MODBUS ASCII. Is it possible to connect as shown in fig 1.0 Please reply with all possible solution. pcr01 protocol communication Ver 3_23 EN.pdf