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  1. _MELLON_

    UniLogic - Trendline Value

    Correct , as you can see on the picture i put marker on the chart and it present correct value 1 ,while Y axis present value somewhere in between 0 to 1 . it will be useful in the future if the user can better customize the trend and the division line properties for example color thickness number of separation line ) also to present process in one file for more then 24 hours (year months) Thank you for support
  2. _MELLON_

    UniLogic - Trendline Value

    i install the latest version 1.25.54 and i have same issue you can simply restore it by crate Data Sampler of integer value ,and display it on trend with #0 to #6 value . when start sampling you will see that Y axis have unit problem with the integer value .
  3. _MELLON_

    UniLogic - Trendline Value

    the trends using real and int numbers the problem is with INTEGER NUMBER the Y axis is not relevant to the correct value i use the latest UniLogic 1.24.56
  4. _MELLON_

    Data table real number prescription point

    how can i use INTEGER to display for example the number 3.14
  5. _MELLON_

    UniLogic - Trendline Value

    this is Display bug ! if you see on the picture the Value that i point when X = 17:43:31 Y = 1 it display the correct value on the pointing ,but axis Y on the chart holds incorrect value you can also see that the separation line ticks holds the value 0,1,3,4,6 this division is INCORRECT display ,it should be 0,2,4,6 or 0,1,2,3,4,5 .
  6. Hello, I want to change the number of digits that display after the prescription point on real value displayed on data table all the real values prescription points displayed with 6 digit and take lot of area in the Data table
  7. _MELLON_

    UniLogic - Trendline Value

    i want to see the correct Y axis value on the PLC chart exporting to excel is not present the immediately value display also negative value present as positive on the Y axis .
  8. _MELLON_

    UniLogic - Trendline Value

    can it be that value on graph is correct when placing the pointing on the carve but the Y axis shows incorrect value ? on the image the white line value is "1" and the Y axis shows something between 0 to 1
  9. _MELLON_

    Sending attachments via email

    I HAVE SAME ISSUE Can't attached AlarmLog when try to do so i recive -4 error what is the filename that i need to put to send the latest Alarm Log i success to send DT file and email without attachments can you send sample on how to send the AlarmLog on EMAIL ?
  10. _MELLON_

    "Click" sound during a button press

    i don't need it for keypad noise , i wan to crate sound on every system Heartbeat with 1.5 delay i can't simulate sounds like the reverse sound on car when getting close to an object if i understand you correctly you recommend to use IO to trigger external sound system like buzzer ?
  11. _MELLON_

    Alarm summary on Web Server?

    is there any option to display and menage the alarm table via web access ?
  12. _MELLON_

    "Click" sound during a button press

    is there any solution to this issue ?
  13. Hello i have same problem ,is someone solve this issue ?