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  1. Thanks for the detailed explanation! Maybe i will discover UniStream for myself soon, and i hope it has more functionality.
  2. yeah, it helped. This is the best way to solve this problem. Only in this case, if I need precision in integers (without characters after the decimal point and itself decimal point), it will still display "0" after the decimal point . But i think customer will accept it) Thanks for the advice!
  3. Operator should be able to change the number of decimal places from HMI, and in the case of an integer type with implied decimal, as I understand it, there will always be zero instead of empty space. Or i'm wrong? It's a good way to avoid the problem, but i have 19 similar programs in which the algorithms change a little and everywhere I used MF. If no one has faced such a problem when using MF, then maybe I have an error somewhere. But if there is such a mistake and it isn't solved, then it should be announced about it.
  4. Unitronics Vision ver. 9.8.65 build 0 Hi, everyone. Faced the problem of floating point numbers. I tried to find a solution on my own - it didn’t work out. When outputting a floating point number to the HMI using the numeric indicator, at certain times the number goes beyond the indicator boundaries and is layered over the image, although this shouldn ’t happen. Image attached. In the attached file, there are subroutines for processing the numeric indicator variable 1 - MF24 (Flow_meter) and the variable 2 - 56 (Convert_ML_to_MF). At the same time, for the program " Convert_ML_to_MF " the signal comes from the weight module "IO_LC1" starting with ten thousand, comparable to grams, therefore the corresponding division. For the subroutine " Flow_meter " the impulse weight from the panel is set, for example the process in the picture is set to 0.1, which is always multiplied by an integer. Аccordingly, there should never be more than one number after a point, the less it is. Also, i have a video changing MF in motion, if someone want to see - i can send) Example.vlp
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