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  1. Hey Everyone! I have tried to find example problem as below: Reading MODBUS IP as TCP from multiple IP addressis. My Samba 43 is MODBUS master so it is ethernet client for MODBUS slaves. I try to make program to read Slave "A" and after it have read correct then read slave "B". After slave "B" have read correct, read again Slave "A", newer ending loop ? Connections for slaves its OK but I cant make the loop to work. This is my first time to use ethernet to connect other devices with Unitronics so I'am newbie ? Something behind my home project: 1: Reading power consuption of my home energy analyser (all three phases one by one) 2: Reading power supply of solar inverter 3: Calculate how much I can heat my boiler (Every phases have solid state relys, connected to my Samba) Maybe someone can help me. Best Recards: Toni Ovaskainen Polvijärvi city, Finland
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