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  1. Thanks a lot. I use normal mode. So if I put in HW configuratio 4-20mA analog input minimum is 3277, and maximum is 16383. I was little bit confused, because on Siemens if you put 4mA in HW config, minimum raw value is 0. But here it is 3277. Right? And what about out of ranges, I read it was -1 or 16384 or 32767?! Thanks a lot.
  2. Hi all. I have this module, and in HW configuration foa analog inputs is set 4-20mA, jumpers on module are put on B. What is the analog input range for rhe PLC 0-16384 or 3277-16383 or something 3rd?! I'm not sure from the manual what is the range. Plc is V130 with expansion module IO-AI8. Thanks in advance
  3. Ethernet issues on site... I downloaded my programm via serial cable. Ethernet card initialized...Sockets stay as default. Socket 2 for modbus tcp communication port 502, and Socket 1 for PC access port 20256. But when I try to ping ip address that not works?! Also when try Communication & OS set ip address of plc, port and name, but it is always shows error message. In Info Mode for Socket 1 stay: Initialized and not connected, status 20.
  4. Thanks Flex. I tried with newer OS which I have and this error message appears. I suspect that maybe eth. card is damaged. If eth. card is undamaged it will shows in Info mode?!
  5. This is the message which appears... I tried with older OS, but then also have another error message...
  6. Hi all. I have problem with one v430. When try to download programm this message appears: ...ethernet card not supported by this OS version... VisiLogic version 9.6... Same program installed on 3 of 4 PLCs...only with one PLC I have problem...
  7. I tried with serial 57600 bps, and alaso with ethernet (ethernet card installed) but it takes more than 30min... I will try your suggestion...
  8. Hi all, I have VisiLogic v9.3 on win10 OS. It works good in general. When doing plc OS update also goes ok. But when downloading images it takes too long...why? Is there another way to download images. I use only two images from library but download is very very slow...
  9. I tried to count FiP bit on rising edge, but value of counter is also 0. I will try with FiP and some timer to check communication.
  10. Hi all. I have one more question about Modbus TCP Slave. First, Thanks a lot to all for previous comments and help. I made communication as you suggest and it works very well. Now, how to know that MODBUS TCP lave communication is active. Data transfer works. To check some counter from client device or Unitronics MODBUS IP block have it? When I debugging output bit Function In Progres is always 0, but my communication works good...
  11. Ooooouhhh sorry, I exceeded value for one register. Everything is OK!!!
  12. Hi all. When I do PHR16 to VFD, everything work but status message is 11? WHY? I write two words -1- control word -2- speed as word VFD start to work, but message on Unitronics raised. In documentation it says: Master-slave data incorrectly synchronized
  13. Great... Thanks a lot for explanation. When you say all the reads and all writes, you mean for 4 device or more?! What if we need read/write from different locations addresses which is not in seqence? Can we call more RHR whit different addresses in one requst? And what is the situation with MODBUS RTU, is the rule same as here or sequencing is required?!
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