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  1. Thanks for your reply @Ausman I removed the linearization block - because I cannot use float and created a formula instead. The attached image shows the way I did it. I will test the thing and post an update about it. BR
  2. Hi, Many thanks for your reply Joe The PLC model I'm using is "Unitronics SM43-J-RA22". I will answer the questions you listed and we need to know their answers: the range of the pressure sensor is from 2 - 30 Psi(abs). Its sensitivity is 3mV/psi. Full scale span is 90mV. The analog input of this PLC 14bit (16384units). Its Input is set to 0-10v. The analog output is 12bit - from 0-10v. The relationship between the pressure sensor reading and the output that will drive the pressure regulator is pretty simple: the pressure reading will be from -0.5Bar to 0Bar. and the pressure regulator should start at 3Bar @ (-0.5Bar sensor reading) and ends at 0Bar @ (0Bar sensor reading). I used "Linearization" block to create the relationship between the pressure sensor input and pressure regulator driving output - as shown in the figures below. BR, Qassim
  3. Hi, Many thanks for the reply @Ausman & @Joe_Tauser. I spoke to the guy responsible for the project and it turned out that he was mistaken. There is no set point required by the user. The functions looks like a simple linearization. The pressure read by the pressure sensor will directly drive the pressure regulator with a given formula. Currently I'm trying to create this simple program. But since I don't have any experience in using this program, I think it will take me some time to learn it. Many thanks, Qassim
  4. Greetings, I'm new to this form and to Unitronics PLCs and I would like to ask for some help/ I previously programmed "allen bradley" PLCs using a software called "RSLogics". The were 4 programming languages that I can use to build the PLC program. However, VisiLogic doesn't have "Structure text" language. I already have done the analog conversion using formulas and created the HMI, but I'm stuck now The program that I am trying to make is simply as follows: A number is written using the HMI and stored in a variable. This number is then compared to analog reading of the pressure sensor. If the numbers were different, then one analog output will be changed to reflect the number entered using the HMI - which will control a pressure regulator. Could anyone please help me with this issue ? Many thanks, Qassim
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