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  1. Hello, We have decided to swap our PLCs from Vision (VisiLogic) to UniStream (UniLogic). And so i've stumbled upon a challenge. I want to load a timer which is a timer from the HMI (keypad entry) and store a timer from ladder to HMI. In VisiLogic I were able to load a timer to an memory integer (like shown on the picture). But how am i suppose to do this when I don't have this function available? Regards Sander
  2. Hello. im pretty new to unitronics plc's and im wondering if some guru's here would like to help me solve my problem. im struggling to figure out how to change a timer value depending on how full a tank of water is. the timer is suppose to be changeable. currently set at 3 minutes. The proces Tank 1: no features Tank 2: There is an preassure transmitter which mesuares the height of the water in the tank this level is used so that the tank 3 can pump water back to tank 1 without having tank 2 pumping in too much water to tank 3. there is also a pump which pumps water in to tank 3 Tank 3 Pumps water back to tank 1 (some water is drained out of the tank. There is only a level transmitter in tank 2. tank 1 and 3 does not have any way to measure the level. (not needed beacouse the water in tank 1 drains down to tank 2, and the water in tank 3 drains out of the tank aswell) What im trying to figure out: 0% full = 100% of 3 minutes 25% full = 75% of 3 minutes 50% full = 50% of 3 minutes 75% full = 25% of 3 minutes 100% = 5% of 3 minutes Im trying to load these values to the same timer. depending on which level tank 2 currently possesses . There is a simular program to the one im trying to make on the m90 plc. but we have upgraded to a samba 7 for this project. i will attach some pictures of how it has been done earlier. i did not find the system operand in visilogic. Keep in mind that im only 19 years old and dont have too many years of experience when it comes to programming
  3. Hello, Im currently programming my plc for the next big project, and this time we are going to be using the samba 7 instead of the m90 which we have been using for the past 10 years. and i am running into a problem while trying to figure out how the counter system works. i want a counter to count once (rise) when my output O.1 rises. I have managed to make a counter that starts counting like crazy all the time that output is active. how do i change it to only rise once?
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