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  1. No. I didn’t try this and I do not now how to do it. If you will be so kind and guide me I will appreciate. Thank you
  2. I have try everything. The only thing that it works is if we long press "i" we will access the menu. I can navigate thru this menu till I get the point "RUN". If I hit "enter" the PLC go back to above menu which means in Turkish enter the password. The main problem is that I cannot enter any password or I do not know the keyboard combination in order to be able to enter the password.
  3. Greetings, Thank you for your fast response. Unfortunately I cannot do that. Basically all the characters from the display blinking randomly.
  4. Dear Gentleman, We have an compressor with unitronics controller and I am unable to input the password. Basically I do not know the keyboard combinations in order to input 0100 pasword (I think). The company who sold the compressor has bankrupt and there is no support at all.
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