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  1. Thanks so much but Please i dont understand what to be done, can someone just kindly help me edit this program to see where i made the mistake.
  2. Thanks very much but i tried this but not still working. its still flicking.
  3. Thank you everyone for the support. kindly find attached the program My safety progs.vlp
  4. please i downloaded my program to my plc V1040 and its not displaying. It is just blinking. i tried updating the OS and still didnt show and also i entered the info mode but still not displaying. please what can i do to solve this problem? what can i do to make my screen display my program?
  5. Truly all said is write and its what is giving me challenges. what is the way out? how is it meant to be arranged? what is the basics behind this? for the MLs, what is advisable to be used?
  6. thanks, this is the code ( the written ladder program) Safety progs.vlp
  7. please i need a brief info on subroutine.

    how it works and affect programs.


    1. NahumS


      What would you like to know on subroutines? What PLC/SW are you referring to?


  8. Good day, please i have been having problem with a program am writing just because i believe it too long so i split it into subroutine but still not working. i checked and followed examples on the program but trying to use it on mine but still not working. Please i need someone to enlighten me on this subroutine, making call and returning to the initial program. Thanks
  9. HI all, Am so grateful for the support from you all. Thanks Please i will like someone to help review this program if its good and can function but if any observation seen or noted for correction, kindly let known. Regards Safety progs.vlp
  10. please can i design a scada system on my HMI V1020? if yes please i will like to have a sample if anyone has. thanks
  11. Thanks Joe T you are very right, I have the idea but I don't know where and how to start and I go through the examples on the software but not getting the starting point. Please what can be done to this to help my zeal and level?
  12. Please help cross check this program. thanks Safety progs.vlp
  13. Thanks, for the subroutine, I worked on it but yet to get the function I get that now, each logic for each rung. For the alarm, I will latch the output. For the comparison, I want to use the output of the 3 sensor to open or close a valve and that was why I did it that way but the fact that it is wrong, kindly advice how to go about it. Also, for the subroutine, is it that each detector will be design In a subroutine or what ? Please if you have any written program that you know I can learn from, kindly help attach to aid my learning. Regards
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