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  1. Thanks @jaycklein03! I hadn't thought of that. I agree that it is a little cumbersone, but that is better than what I have now. For big projects I can see that being better than visually searching through the code.
  2. Thanks @Bisku I like the idea of color coding and disabling lines in the ladder logic and will experiment with that. I too added a subroutine for version changes which consists entirely of comments. Do you do anything for the HMI screens? There is no place for comments, so at this point we are just commenting the display changes in the Revision Changes subroutine.
  3. I'm using VisiLogic 9.8.65. I'd like to include revision change notes inside ladder logic comments and then be able to search for these changes. However, I can't find a way to actually search the comments in the project. The find options include elements, operands, function blocks, etc., but I don't see a way to find items in the comments. Is there a way to find text in the comments?
  4. Hello. I just started working on some inherited Visilogic projects with another team member at a remote location. I'm trying to track and monitor changes between old versions of the project, but have yet to come up with a tool that gives helpful output. I tried the included VisiDiff tool, but enhanced vision products are not supported. I then tried WinMerge and the diff tool on our Subversion server, but the .vlp files appear to be binary, so that is no help. Thus, my question is, how are teams or individual contributors tracking changes between revs or builds of the project? Is there a different third party tool that could help with this? Thanks!
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