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  1. Hey, One more thing it seems that you can change these just fine but if you shut the unit off and back on they reset to the original value. Is there away to save the changes to these timers so that even if power is cycled the last entered value remains?
  2. Thank you! that is exactly what I was looking for simple and elegant. Thanks again for helping me out.
  3. In my application I have several timers for various things that I have the timers currently hard coded with set times. I would like to have a screen that I could view these timers and there current setting and then edit the time via this page so it would need to preset that timer. I'm not sure where even to begin. I'm thinking a data table but not sure how to display this. Thanks Paul
  4. I see my issue I had it tied to a button so it called the routine only while the button was held down. Changed it to a bit that gets turned on and off when the routine is done. Still figuring this stuff out but I'm getting there.
  5. When I call a sub routine in ladder it appears it only scans it once. is this correct? Is there a way to call a sub routine and have it scan till it sees its return? Thanks Paul
  6. They both where updating but since they have different lists of text I updated the main screens list of text with an additional item. So when I was on the second screen that list of texts didn't have the item I had added to the first screen.
  7. I believe I see my own issue. It appears that even thou they are copies the list of texts are separate and If you update one you have to update the other separately.
  8. I'm using a list to text to display some strings and I have it working great on one screen. I have a second screen with its own loop that has a copy of the list to text control on it. It doesn't update correctly. The code for it is in the main loop do I also have to have code for this in the second screens loop? I was hoping it would update no matter what screen I'm on as long as its pointing to the same item.
  9. Thanks; That is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks again for quick response, I'm sure Ill have more later but for now I'm cooking with gas. Paul
  10. OK, Thanks This may be easy but I'm trying to figure out how to change the Index of my MI in the ladder so the test changes.
  11. Thanks for the quick response, right now I don't have a hole lot other than a text box. I'm looking into the list of texts right now. Basically I just want to press a button on the screen and then display on the HMI " process running" Then say when a input is triggers, I want to change the message to "Process complete" etc. I was attempting to figure out how to get a string from the library based on an index number but have been unsuccessful. Paul
  12. Hello, I'm very new to unitronics so bare with me. I have a Samba 7 inch unit and On the screen I have a textbox that I want to update with text. So at certain points in my ladder I want the status text to change How might I accomplish this?
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