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  1. Kestralcontrols

    Email message using data tags

    Is it possible to include a tag within the email message. I can assign a tag to the To:, cc:, attachments and Subject. This means i can use logic to change the subject, before sending the email, however I can't seem to find a way to change the email message.
  2. Kestralcontrols

    Download a file using a "Hyper-link" in UniStream web server

    Hi NoamM, Thanks for the quick reply. I was using this method, but it kept failing. The problem was that the SD file structure on the card is not the same as it is shown on the HMI file browser. I was trying to download a file that was located within the Data Tables directory. I assumed that the directory was named "Data Tables" because that was what the file browser named the directory, but when I removed the SD card and read it, the real directory for storing Data Tables is named "DT" When I changed the path to /ExternalSd/DT/08-18.scv instead of /ExternalSd/Data Tables/08-18.csv it worked. Thanks again, Sam
  3. Hi, I'm trying to create a Web Server link to download a file stored on the SD card. I have tried copying the example shown in the help-file section "WE: Hyperlinks" but it returns an error "invalid URL address". How do you covert the SD card path into a valid URL so that it will link the anchor text to the SD card file. Kind Regards, Sam