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  1. Hi Skout, To store Data Table files to SD, you have to use some kind of schedule. You can use midnight condition at vector, starting SI 30. Then store file with required name. Take care, that file name is in format 8.3. 8ASCII characters for name, and 3 for extension. You can change only file name. You can generate file name by RTC TO ASCII and leave 8 8ASCII characters. I hope this helps.
  2. < BFLT ERR @31> happens, when used indirect MB or MI addressing, and address is out of range, supported by PLC (include negative value). For example, MB range is from 0 to 255. MI to MB conversion starts at MB250 and it converts 8 bits. Last 2 bits will be out of range 255 for MB. Please add Ladder code to check indirect addressing range.
  3. Hi, When click on Unitronics' Remote operator at Apple or Google, expand "READ MORE" and scroll down. Look for requirements and supported controllers models. Jazz is not in this list, so it is not supported. Supported most used models of PLCs, where it is required. If you have requirement to support Jazz PLC, send it to support@unitronics.com. Add project potential and your requirement will be evaluated. By the way, PC Remote Access and PC Remote Operator supports Jazz PLCs.
  4. Juandiaza, Please check IP address, assigned to your phone. Exact settings location depends of your phone model. For my Android devices it is in "Settings->About Phone/About device->Status->IP address". Is this address at the same network space as PLC - 169.254.240.xxx? If yes - extend PLC Subnet Mask to, and test again. *Do this from Info Mode first. If not, you have to change IP network settings to one of standard settings -
  5. Hi, IP address is from 'Automatic Private IP Addressing" group 169.254.xxx.xxx. IP Address from this group is assigned, when DHCP enabled, but IP address cannot be obtained from DHCP server. IP Addresses of this group are not routed. You can make connection only on the same LAN. I recommend you to use any WiFi router with LAN port and assign to PLC IP address from available router IP addresses. Enable WiFi at your phone and connect to router. Now you r phone should be at the sime subnet as PLC, and you will make connection. Allow to download cache file to smartphone , then you can use Remote Operator. I hope this helps.
  6. MJ10-22-CS10 designed to provide power to PRJ adapter from PC COM port. More important is to use proper connection of Rx and Tx wires. *Used by Unitronics phone cables are crimped as cross. Following document include CS10 adapter pinout: http://media.klinkmann.fi/catalogue/en/Unitronics/Unitronics_Manuals_Jazz_Port_Install_en_0511.pdf
  7. I used 3x560 ohm resistors in parallel. This equivalent to ~187 ohm. Resistors connected between +24 V and contacts 1 & 6 of PRG adapter. *Wires 1 & 6 cut in the middle of cable. Wires 2 and 5 connected to 0V of PLC. *I used 6 wires phone cable (cross-crimped) and open it in the middle. Opposite to PLC cable end connected to MJ10-22-CS25 adapter, then to USB-to-Serial converter. Following is Get result from PLC Additional to this, I tested 560+560=1120 ohm resistor. Online (Debug) mode works. Please use 1.1 kohm 2W resistor and test communication. I hope it will work. *MJ10-22-CS25 adapter include inside 2 diodes, Zenner diode and electrolytic capacitor. Please post your results for feature readers.
  8. Hi, You have to set EX-RC1 Unit ID by DIP switches. See next document: https://unitronicsplc.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/EX-RC1_SPEC_05-08.pdf I hope this helps.
  9. Hi Svjatoslavs, Resistor of 180 ohm with current 0.1 A dissipate 18.5 V* 0.1 A=1.85 W. You should use 2W resistor. So variable resistor should be powerful... B.R.
  10. Hi Svjatoslavs, Schematics seems to be right. What your test show? Is communication working? By the way, what Arduino MODBUS stack do you use?
  11. Hi Svjatoslavs, Please use next documents for PRG adapter: https://unitronicsplc.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/MJ20-PRG_TECH-SPEC_10-09.pdf https://unitronicsplc.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/JZ-PRG_INSTL-GUIDE_10-09.pdf Last one include CS10 adapter wiring. I will recommend to connect contacts 1 and 6 of a MJ20-PRG to contacts 6 and 1 ofh MJ10-22-CS10, connected to RS232 port of PC. Or connect contacts 1 and 6 of MJ20-PRG to +24 V by resistor (24-5.5)/0.1~=185 ohm. You have to use GND with Tx and Rx signals. Tell us how it works.
  12. Hi John, All these files are backups. Number after decimal point show backup data base version. For example, project last time stored in data base version 144. Now you open it in a newest VisiLogic, which use data base version 145. Previous project stored as .144. I recommend you zip all of them and keep in a safe place. You always can delete everything. But one time you may find your archive useful. You always will open such project by adding .vlp extension in proper, or on last VisiLogic version. B.R.
  13. Hi, MJ20-PRG module require external power on pins 1 & 6, and it use MJ20-CB200 and MJ10-22-CS10 for this. And it cannot use DTR and DSR signals. Use MJ20-RS module instead of MJ20-PRG. It require 4 wires cable from RS232-CB1 set. *This cable is crimped as "cross". 2-3-4-5 pins of one connector crimped to 5-4-3-2 pins of other connector. Everything should work.
  14. Maximum numbers of LEDs is 32: If you need horizontal bar - you have to extend bar graph and correct number of LEDs.
  15. Hi, You can re-arrange keypad-entry variables. Use "Variables Tab Order" Change variables order as you need. Is this what you need?
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