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  1. Until we will update RN/Help, you can use next to check if MODBUS limitation is working or not in your version: As soon as you can write into stated SI/SB, MODBUS limitation should work. *System registers are write protected, if not used for additional functions. At this time only MIs and MBs MODBUS limitation works. We added request to wish loist for feature implementation. B.R.
  2. Hi, To communicate and download project to UniStream: Disable "Use Ping on Discovery" option in "Project->Options" UniLogic menu. B.R.
  3. Hi HexMan, This option exist for the enhanced models – Please make sure to use the latest OS: 1 Set in SI165 the start address of MB the user will be able to access 2. Set in SI166 the end address of MB the user will be able to access 3. Set in SI167 the start address of MI the user will be able to access 4. Set in SI168 the end address of MI the user will be able to access 5. Set SB305 to activate the MODBUS limit. For example if you will set the following: SI165 = 1000 SI166 = 1999 SI167 = 1000 SI168 = 1999 SB305 = 1 The MODBUS master will be able to access only to MB1000 – MB1999 and MI1000 – MI1999. If anyway one tries to access the restricted operands SL46 will increment. You have to arrange MIs and MBs in sequence. There is ni separate limitation for read and write. B.R.
  4. Hi JohnR, Please check next Forum Topic: It explains side effects of last Microsoft updates for applications, using VB. May be this will help you to solve problem. B.R.
  5. Hi Cam, For UniStream. Please check Panel CPU Utilization. Then check Action use. Check activation all of them in Ladder. If Ladder eventually activate actions frequent, than this will make panel responding slow, or not responding. Hope this helps to solve problem.
  6. Hi, Which version of software are you working with? Please ensure you are using 9.8.80, and then go to Help > Check for updates > Operating System. Then please update the controller's OS. There was an issue with the acceleration function block in previous versions.
  7. Hi Igor, Follow UniLogic Help topic for "Firmware->..."
  8. After downloading Complex WebServer from "PLC Tools & Applications" and unzipping it to separate directory, read "Enhanced PLC WebServer.pdf" document. *Write project Data Table information to PLC to make Web Server working.
  9. Hi golzione, You are going very deep at user level. please send your project to Unitronics Technical Support for review. *Add PLC serial number for reference. *Is the PLC battery voltage OK? What is a SB 8 status? *Does PLC show right time/date? time Then we will run it at our desk for simulation and will show result to R&D if we find a problem. Until now you are the first who comply for such trend behavior. B. R.
  10. Did you uncheck "Run as Administrator" in shortcut properties after replacing file?
  11. Download exe file from following link: https://unitronics.exavault.com/share/view/1p5e4-4rm3mo6p Make backup of original file (rename it). Unblock downloaded file and copy it to U90Ladder directory. Run U90Ladder and test if it is working wit no administrative rights.
  12. Hi Aleksey, Send your request with more detailed explanation in Russian to support@unitronics.com Add explanation what exactly you are doing and what result you suppose to have. Attach your phone number to contact you in case of need. B.R.
  13. Are you sure CCFL inverter is working? LCD and CCFL are combined in one module, so it is better to replace both. Before you are looking for LCD+CCFL assembly, check inverter with other LCD. B.R.
  14. Rafe, Test MODBUS TCP communication first by well known MODBUS Client. You can use Chipkin CAS Modbus Scanner. Check Slave Addressing in VisiLogic Help. If this test pass - test SCADA. B.R.
  15. Hi squll, Do you really need this? I mean, you cannot live if it is not realized. Or this feature just "nice to have". Such requests you have to send to support@unitronics.com. Or open Helpdesk ticket with request. B.R. AlexUT.
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