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  1. Translation --------------- I have a V570-57-T20B screen with a V200-18-E1B module and I need to link an encoder to give measurements of length and I do not know how to create it in a lader to link it and show me on the screen the measurement and to be able to program several measurements would appreciate if Can someone help me with this project
  2. Hi Dushyant, Send your request to
  3. Hi Manfred, Look at "Programming tools for developers" section for document "Unitronics PCOM Protocol". Download link: PCOM Protocol.pdf This document explains PCOM, unitronics proprietary protocol. It explains, how to communicate to PLC. I hope this helps. B.R.
  4. Hi Nikola, If OS is the last, and PLC does not display text with empty project, contact your distributor for further processing. B.R.
  5. Hi, This forum is dedicated for Unitronics PLCs programming. If your program information exchange between STM8S103F2, or STM8S105, and Unitronics PLCs, you are welcome. Your current topic scope i out of this forum. Please Google for "forum programming STM8S103F2 OR STM8S105", and you can find related forums, where forum members can help you with your question. Best regards.
  6. Hi Nikola, Save your project. Create a new empty project with some text on display. Download this project to PLC and observe display. Does it show text? Set SB 9 to 1. Do you see backlight? If empty project show text on display, PLC works, and you have to review your project to find error. Look what you changed in project before having display problem. *You may call display at each scan. B.R.
  7. Hi, This is an IT problem. You have to contact your IT department to fix this. *You say, that settings resets after PC reboot.
  8. Hi diogki, Ausman is right about complicated net. 1.Better is to modify it as follows: 2.Snap-in allows to reset HSC, as communication to snap-in module is fast. Communication to expansion module is slow, this is why you cannot reset counter, located at expansion module. You have to use virtual counter. *MI 0 is linked to HSC in Hardware Configuration. I believe, that peaking is result of counter reset, which at next scan overwritten by data, received from expansion module. Best regards.
  9. Hi, SB95 is the system bit to change the resolution of the analog input (for Jazz 2 only). It enables 12-bit analog input sampling (0-4095). Turn it ON at power-up. It is OFF by default (10-bit, 0 to 1023) If you don’t see it in the comments, please try restore System Symbols - Menu -> Restore SB default symbols.
  10. Hi, Look in U90Ladder Help for "Clock Functions", "Indirect Clock Functions: Open "Indirect Clock Function Example" and follow it. To scroll, use key 3 (Up) and key 6 (down). To mark/unmark selected entry, press on +/-/. key. When finish, press ENTER key. This return field to first value (SUN for "Day of Week"), etc. You can assign key to refresh display and scroll values for review, or you can add an additional display with marked days of week, etc. "Day of Week", for example , represented by bits in linked MI. For marked MON and TUE linked MI =6(4+2). And so one. I hope this will work for you. B.R.
  11. Ljuba, please post IP settings for all 3 PLCs. As I see, projects are very short. Publish all 3. *There are some settings for Jazz 2 PLCs, which is better to see in projects. Regarding sockets - Flex is right. When connection to both Jazz 2 is permanent, you have to use 2 sockets at V130. This is TCP/IP. With one socket you have to connect to first Jazz 2, send/receive data, disconnect. Connect to second Jazz 2, send/receive data, disconnect. Etc. in loop.
  12. Hi, Disconnect USB cable from PLC. Use "Install USB Driver" from "PC Communication Port Settings". Connect USB cable to PLC. Wait until required driver be installed. Check what COM port is linked, then use it to connect to PLC.
  13. Hi, To help you better, please provide more information: -Model of PLC you use. -What exactly you wish to achieve - min/max speed, distance, etc. - Stepper motor model. - Stepper motor driver model. *You cannot connect stepper motor to PLC direct. B.R.
  14. Hi, It will be better to review your project. Please send your project with more detailed explanation to B.R.
  15. Yes, you have to init Ethernet card. It is recommended make init for all 8 sockets to default settings. Change only what you use. See Help for details. Search for "V700" in Help. This helps to eliminate most of problems with sockets.