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  1. Ausman, TCW122B-RR looks like a device for garage - isn't it? The other one is not realized yet. So, both are not for industry use... B.R.
  2. Hisanyc, Review Unitronics Helpdesk Articke: Calculate Total - Totalizing Hope this is what you need. B.R.
  3. Unitronics Analog Inputs are sinking and use 0V as common. Sensor you refer require external power, so it is sinking as well. To connect to Unitronics Analog Inputs, you have to use special adapter/transmitter/current loop repeater. May be Forum Members used such devices in projects. B.R.
  4. No, it is not Cinterion. It is completely new with a lot of features. B.R.
  5. Hi, There are number of cellular modem/routers allowing to use TCP commands. Some use URL format. It depends of model. Unitronics introduced new Routers which integrated with UniStream to send/receive SMS. See "Accessories" section of Tectnical Library. B.R.
  6. Hi, You can find answers in following post: As well, visit Unitronics Helpdesk Portal http://support.unitronics.com/ and search for "memory". You will find some information. B.R.
  7. Hi, Please forward your request to support@unitronics.com.
  8. Yes, Send your version request to support@unitronics.com and we will send you link to download. B.R.
  9. Hi, Use voltage divider and analog inputs 0-10V. For buttons use digital inputs. B.R.
  10. What was a version number of last used VisiLogic when project being loaded to PLC? You have to use this version. And communication speed should be 115200, not 9600 *If you tested 57600 - test 115200.
  11. Hi, Please send your request to support@unitronics.com and provide more explanation for your requirement. B.R.
  12. Good advice is to use timers. There is a wrong use of IDLE function.
  13. Hi Colodeti, Did you modified and downloaded to PLC new project file with added IO-D16A3-RO16? System is not plug-and-play. B.R.
  14. Ethernet Card not detected - how it will be initialized and used? SB 141 - Ethernet Card Exists Carefully inspect Ethernet Card connector and installation slot. Check this Ethernet Card at other PLC, as already recommended.
  15. All Unitronics software and tools does not support command line options. Only GUI. B.R.
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