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  1. You used normal open contact SB 168. It not referenced this way in any recommendation. Preferred to use power-up value "set" for SB 168. Set SB 168 warrant you restoring LAN link when LAN cable being disconnected then connected again. Other recommendation is to init all 4 sockets to default settings (explained in Help). B.R.
  2. Delete SB 168 from first net. It is not relevant here. It is better to review MODBUS IP examples in VisiLogic examples directory instead to invent something new. B.R.
  3. Hi, Additional to what other recommended: Visit https://unitronicsplc.com and scroll down. Open "Help Files" and you can see "Software Help". Here you can see Online Help Files for U90Ladder™, Visilogic™, and Unilogic™". Hope this is useful. B.R.
  4. Please send your request to support@unitronics.com with more details. Idd in explanation if you check or not SQL operation success in Ladder before processing next request, and what data base engine and version do you use. B.R.
  5. Hi Marten, This is a Real rounding error when you make sequential operations. Use integer and convert it one-time is a right solution (like you doing). B.R.
  6. Pista, Please send your request to support@unitronics.com for instructions. B.R.
  7. Hi Andreas, 1. Why do you switch to newest VisiLogic? Do you have any problems wit current VisiLogic version? 2. There are a new modified PID Autotune set of FBs for PID. When changing to newest VisiLogic, you have to replace all PID FBs to a new ones. Keep backup copy of your projects for previous version of VisiLogic. B.R.
  8. Please send this picture to support@unitronics.com with explanation What version of VisiLogic do you use.
  9. Hi, Opening projects from USB sticks, external Hard Drive, or from network mapped drive is a big mistake. This may lead to project corruption. Copy your project to hard drive. When finish - you can copy it back. Following these recommendations will save your time. B.R.
  10. We sent the same email to multiple emails. Our company email server (Exchange+Outlook) and it is OK. Gmail - as attachment. Hotmail - OK. Seems to be Gmail. B.R.
  11. Ónly manual conversion is available, as PLC series are not compatible.
  12. Hi Gonzalo, Do you use Gmail account? After all tests found that there is a Gmail problem. You have to check Gmail settings, or contact Gmail/Google to solve this. It is recommended to search Internet to find how many other Gmail users faced the same problem. B.R.
  13. 1. You cannot power these motors by Ladder PWM SCAN FB. It is very slow for DC motors. 2. Right (MARCO) motor picture show remark "Do not use with PWM", so you should use voltage regulator for this motor. And this voltage regulator should be managed by 4-20 mA, 0-10V, or PWM signal. 3. Left picture motor may require the same regulators. *Both motors are 12V. Do you power PLC by 12 V? May be other Forum members has experience with such equipment? B.R.
  14. " I currently have the PC and PLC set to address" confuse me. What is PC configuration? Do you use any router with DHCP settings? How it configured? Or you use LAN Switch? *You cannot assign the same IP address to 2 devices at the same LAN. It will not work.
  15. Hi CobryWZL,, Additional to what kratmel ask, Please explain what frequency required to manage pump. Is it fixed frequency and variable duty cycle? B.R.
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