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  1. Until trend reach left side of frame, left side time is the Trend start time. Right side time is changing as it should be. It is not intended to see short trend. Let trend run until all Trend window will be occupied by trend. Then both, left side and right side time will reflect displayed time frame.
  2. Vitaly, There is no problem. Curve runs from right to left by design. Why do you think there is a problem?
  3. Hi, When finishing to draw line and release mouse at second point, pop-ups dialog, where you can change line color.
  4. Hi Elmajestin, You have to store Data Table to SD card, then you can send this file as email attachment. B.R.
  5. Go to Prolific site and look for prolific chip identification software. There are china maden chips, which are not authentic and driver reject to work with these chips. This may be a reason.
  6. Hola, En algún momento VisiLogic se bloquea, pero su proceso no se cierra correctamente. Abra el Administrador de tareas, cambie a la pestaña Procesos y elimine el proceso VisiLogic.exe * 32. Si tiene algún proyecto abierto antes del crach de VisiLogic, comprométase a restaurar el proyecto. * VisiLogic guarda una copia del proyecto abierto para restaurarlo en caso de craqueo de VisiLogic. * Siempre edite el proyecto en el disco local, no en el disco en clave, no en el disco de red.
  7. Take care that output of this adapter from Amazon is TTL 3.3V. LoPy device link is invalid, so I cannot see what is a device input voltage level, TTL 3.3V or RS232, which is from +-15V to +-6V.
  8. 1. You have to use Prolific based USB to Serial converter. Other models are not supported. 2. In Ladder you must to use Set request/process command/reset request. If your ladder is similar to one in this post, then transmit will be processed at each scan, and will lead to owerload and errors.
  9. Sandeep, Please provide more accurate details. PLC model. Attach test program to see your settings. What software connects to PLC? What protocol used? Connection failed means that you cannot connect. If connection established, then there is other problem. More details - better answer(s).
  10. Working with UniLogic (programming UniStream series PLCs) is as simple as you find it. It is different from Vision series, as a operands and IO organization/addressing is different. Many peoples are complying for "pure"Help. It is not right. Help include many information. Help-like behavior added to all UniLogic operations by use of pop-up descriptions. Move mouse over capital letters of functional blocks and you will see pop-up descriptions. The same about other programming environment elements. There is so much to write... Just ask specific question and anybody at this forum will tell you how to find solution or find information. It is impossible to build project by copy-paste from examples. Much better to build project when you understand what you should program. Other way to start learning is to follow e-learning links from VisiLogic Help. Or search for youtube in UniLogic Help. Follow links. There is a new Helpdesk portal https://support.unitronics.com/ Enter keyword to search and look for solutions. Ask forum members. Etc.
  11. Hi stressed.dave! Why are you so pessimistic? At the time you are waiting........ other peoples have outstanding experience and already doing bunch of successful projects. Lets look what forum members will recommend you.
  12. 1. Check online SI 9 - LCD Backlight intensity Set it to 100 if it is low. *It may be 0. 2. Touch display for more than 5 sec and check if you can see INFO mode display. 3. Connect to COM 1 of PLC and repeat all system files update.
  13. Hi Joe See following MODBUS topic: ModBus address access limitation http://forum.unitronics.com/topic/6641-modbus-address-access-limitation/ It explains SB305 B.R.
  14. Thanks, Ausman! Typo corrected. IP addresses should not repeat at the same subnet.
  15. Hi Marten, *Do not open multiple Forum topics/posts when previous one not approved yet. Each Forum topic/post require review by administration team before it is approved and everybody will see it (and answer). What is a message you see? About what part of project? Most of memory errors are from retained memory, and from big Data Tables. B.R.
  16. It is recommended to use LAN switch and LAN cable. 200 ft is ~61 meters. And it is less than maximum LAM segment (100 meters). You have to set PLC and PC with static IP inside the same TCP network. For example: PLC Panel IP IP Mask GW (may not exist in your network but should be configured). DNS PLC CPU IP IP Mask GW (may not exist in your network but should be configured). PC IP IP Mask GW (may not exist in your network but should be configured). Then you can communicate to PLC IP.
  17. Until we will update RN/Help, you can use next to check if MODBUS limitation is working or not in your version: As soon as you can write into stated SI/SB, MODBUS limitation should work. *System registers are write protected, if not used for additional functions. At this time only MIs and MBs MODBUS limitation works. We added request to wish loist for feature implementation. B.R.
  18. Hi, To communicate and download project to UniStream: Disable "Use Ping on Discovery" option in "Project->Options" UniLogic menu. B.R.
  19. Hi HexMan, This option exist for the enhanced models – Please make sure to use the latest OS: 1 Set in SI165 the start address of MB the user will be able to access 2. Set in SI166 the end address of MB the user will be able to access 3. Set in SI167 the start address of MI the user will be able to access 4. Set in SI168 the end address of MI the user will be able to access 5. Set SB305 to activate the MODBUS limit. For example if you will set the following: SI165 = 1000 SI166 = 1999 SI167 = 1000 SI168 = 1999 SB305 = 1 The MODBUS master will be able to access only to MB1000 – MB1999 and MI1000 – MI1999. If anyway one tries to access the restricted operands SL46 will increment. You have to arrange MIs and MBs in sequence. There is ni separate limitation for read and write. B.R.
  20. Hi JohnR, Please check next Forum Topic: It explains side effects of last Microsoft updates for applications, using VB. May be this will help you to solve problem. B.R.
  21. Hi Cam, For UniStream. Please check Panel CPU Utilization. Then check Action use. Check activation all of them in Ladder. If Ladder eventually activate actions frequent, than this will make panel responding slow, or not responding. Hope this helps to solve problem.
  22. Hi, Which version of software are you working with? Please ensure you are using 9.8.80, and then go to Help > Check for updates > Operating System. Then please update the controller's OS. There was an issue with the acceleration function block in previous versions.
  23. Hi Igor, Follow UniLogic Help topic for "Firmware->..."
  24. After downloading Complex WebServer from "PLC Tools & Applications" and unzipping it to separate directory, read "Enhanced PLC WebServer.pdf" document. *Write project Data Table information to PLC to make Web Server working.
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