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  1. Hi,

    Open project in the same VisiLogic you used to download project to PLC.

    Change to Ladder.
    Open "Edit->Find Subroutine by Ladder Error Code"
    Enter code 17 and click OK.
    VisiLogic will show you subroutine where error being registered.
    VisiLogic will say "Subroutine not found".
    Error may be as result of EMI. Then you have to find where the EMI coming frpom.
    错误可能是EMI的结果。 然后,您必须找到EMI从何处来。

  2. Hi Philippe,

    This already exists.

    When PLC connects to DataXport computer, DataXport initiate data transfer.

    Even more - DataXport can transfer only new data and left pointer in Data Table to trace transfer.

    See DataXport bhelp for more details.




  3. Hi Jakke,

    At this time only Prolific chip based drivers are supported (original Prolific chip) at windows and at PLC.

    Please send your request to support@unitronics.com

    Technical Support persona will contact you.



  4. Hi Pavel,

    PLC specification state an external temperature for PLC as a device, not temperature inside PLC.

    You have to control temperature inside enclosure, where PLC is installed, either by cooling or heating.

    In case you need some advise for your project, you can ask forum community about projects experience and recommendations.

    Internal sensor is for limited use.

    There is no thermal protection inside PLC, either against overheat or undercool.



  5. Milosh,

    Visit https://unitronicsplc.com/support-technical-library/

    Expand "Jazz & M91 Hardware"

    Expand "Jazz add-on modules and accessories"

    Scroll down and open

    JZ-PRG Specification

    JZ-PRG Install Guide

    Here you can find all details, include pinout.

    MJ10-22-CS76 internal wiring provide power to PRG module as well.

    *PRG module power consumption is low and used only to power RS232 communication.

    *When use CS10 adapter, you have to use RS232 port with full set of signals.

    Unitronics supply Prolific based USB-to-Serial converter supporting all signals.

    Other converters may have only RX, TX and Ground wires. And may not supply power to PRG module.



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  6. Panel and CPU should have different IPs.

    UDFB is running from Ladder, so it use CPU IP, which should be set up.

    CPU and Panel use an internal LAN switch, which is presented outside as 1 or 2 LAN ports.

    You can use any method you find good for time correction.

    B. R. 


  7. Hi,

    Bear in mind, that NTP servers are grouped under some names.

    Each name may include number of NTP servers with different IPs.

    There is an organization by name "Pool NTP" https://www.pool.ntp.org/

    You can find here local or nearest NTP pools.

    Some NTP servers or pools may be not active at the time you wish to make time correction, some may be busy at specific time.

    So, it is recommended to keep in internal list number of NTP pools, resolve IP of less loaded NTP server , then use it to correct time.

    If NTP return error (in most cases returned time is 0xFFFFFFFF as well), repeat request, then repeat IP resolution, and then replace NTP server name from list and repeat until you have good replay.



    It is recommended

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