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  1. Please send your request to support@unitronics.com Add PLC serial number and exact model number to your request. B.R.
  2. Do not make OS and any other update to old PLC hardware. You have to use the same VisiLogic version you used last time. Roll-back to OS 3.75 and to old VisiLogic. Hope PLC will work. B.R.
  3. RealVNC from Samsung smartphone is working. Do you use port 5900 or other one if you use Port Forwarding?
  4. Hi Rog, Please find a scope and check if there are EMI at modules inputs. Please add connection diagram. B.R.
  5. Hi kratmel, Unitronics PLCs are not computers, and supporting FAT32 formatted SD cards up to 32 GB. Supported FAT32 File system is limited to 1 primary partition. For example: Siemens PLCs: S7-1200 CPU only supports the memory cards that have been preformatted by Siemens manufacturer, whose order numbers are shown in the table below: Order number Capacity 6ES7 954-8LF01-0AA0 24MB 6ES7954-8LC01-0AA0 4MB 6ES7 954-8LB01-0AA0 2MB Table 1: Memory card information If SIMATIC memory card is reformatted by Windows formatting program, CPU will not be able to use this reformatted memory card. At present, S7-1200 still cannot help the memory card realize such advanced functions as recipe and data archiving. https://support.industry.siemens.com/cs/document/87133851/usage-of-s7-1200-memory-card?dti=0&lc=en-WW ABB AC500 supporting 512 MB SD cards in FAT16 format (SD card may be 2 GB formatted to FAT16, and MUST BE SLOW). https://forum-controlsystems.abb.com/360488/Using-aftermarket-SD-card-with-AC500 MC502 supporting 2 GB and ABB recommends to use SD cards, supplied by ABB. Allen-Bradley recommends to use only Allen-Bradley SAD cards 1GB or 2GB capacity, formatted to FAT16 file system. And there are many other restrictions. https://literature.rockwellautomation.com/idc/groups/literature/documents/ap/logix-ap007_-en-p.pdf So you clearly can see Unitronics PLCs advantages of SD cards use. B.R.
  6. All right, SD Tools will be modified to inform operator about SD card supported/not supported size. SD card technology allow to manufacture SD cards of big capacity, but embedded devices are limited to FAT32 file system with all its limitations. B.R.
  7. This set comprise 2 parts (and it is for Cisco Routers): 1. USB to Serial converter. 2. RS232 D-type to RJ45 8p8c). Unitronics use 6p4c or 6p6c connector. We recommend to contact PLC seller and obtain 2 cables: 1. USB to Serial Adapter (prolific chip based). 2. Serial cable and adapter (come in the kit RS232-CB1). RS232-CB1 include MJ10-22-CS25 (DB9 to RJ11 adapter) and 4 wires cross-crimped phone cable.
  8. Hi krolikbest, Set Retry=0 and minimum reasonable timeout. B.R.
  9. Any check box for power-up write power-up value to destination, either Timer or MI, etc. When check-box not checked, then last value before power-off is stored (battery backup memory). B.R.
  10. There is no such function for array. You can write UDFB to do this.
  11. Hi Scott59 I recommend you to purshase 16 GB SD card. 32GB can be formatted by Windows, but there is a problem to gormat it from SD Card Tools. If you already purshased it - format it to FAT32 and copy all firectories from fresh formatted SD card of 16, 8, or other capacity, less than 32 GB. B.R.
  12. Hi, If anybody have same problem, then send request to support@unitronics.com We will send instruction how to correct this. B.R.
  13. Hi Marten, Please visit Unitronics Helpdesk Portal https://support.unitronics.com/index.php and search for "stored" Look "SQL Dynamic Table Name" article.
  14. Hi CobryWZL, Requirement explanation is wery common. Please provide more detail: - What SAMBA model do you use? - What information PLC should send to PC? - How PC should know what to receive? - Is received information depends of user logged at PLC? More detailed request - more detailed answer. B.R.
  15. Dear Forum members, Thank you for suggestions. Please send your requirements to support@unitronics.com We will review and reply. Best regards.
  16. Please follow next Article: https://support.unitronics.com/index.php?/selfhelp/view-article/unilogic-is-stuck-on-splash-screen-loading-components It is not exactly your case, but it is recommended to run.
  17. After installing U90Ladder, go to directory: C:\Program Files (x86)\Unitronics\Unitronics U90 Ladder\Examples\Basic HMI operations\ and review example Password.U90 Is it what you need?
  18. You published your question in "Jazz, M91 PLCs and U90Ladder" branch. What PLC model do you use? B.R.
  19. This corrected in VisiLogic 9.8.90. It available for download. B.R.
  20. Hi, Cam's suggestion is good, but better to use next sets: MJ20-RS + RS232-CB1 + USB-to-Serial converter.
  21. Hi, Open project in the same VisiLogic you used to download project to PLC. 在用于将项目下载到PLC的同一VisiLogic中打开项目。 Change to Ladder. 更改为梯形图。 Open "Edit->Find Subroutine by Ladder Error Code" 打开“编辑->通过梯形图错误代码查找子例程” Enter code 17 and click OK. 输入代码17,然后单击确定。 VisiLogic will show you subroutine where error being registered. VisiLogic将向您显示在其中注册错误的子例程。 VisiLogic will say "Subroutine not found". VisiLogic将说“找不到子例程”。 Error may be as result of EMI. Then you have to find where the EMI coming frpom. 错误可能是EMI的结果。 然后,您必须找到EMI从何处来。 GOOGLE TRANSLATOR USED
  22. Hi, Seems as a hardware problem. Please send to support@unitronics.com Contact your distributor for RMA processing. B.R.
  23. Hi Philippe, This already exists. When PLC connects to DataXport computer, DataXport initiate data transfer. Even more - DataXport can transfer only new data and left pointer in Data Table to trace transfer. See DataXport bhelp for more details. B.R.
  24. Hi, MF cannot be formatted. To show MF content in desired format, use Num To ASCII and format output string as you wish. Then show this string on display. B.R.
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