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  1. Thanks very much Flex, Joe and DanT, The clock function in the utilities drop down menu helped but my data table which an sending as an attachment via email goes as a dat. file and could not be opened on smartphones etc. That's not a big issue anyway. I read to remotely access/operate the plc (download programs) the plc needs to be assigned a static IP address. I have made a request to my ISP to acquire a static IP. whiles waiting for that, I would like to know how to go about the process to communicate with my plc over the internet once I get the static IP. Couldn't find any webinar on this topic. Mikel.
  2. Hello, I have this values which am logging into the data table together with date and time stamp. After writing to the data table, it will then be exported to SD card to be send as an attachment via email. Can someone help me with an example program of how to trigger the data logging process every day at 6:00 am and after one hour(7:00 am) trigger the send email function also? Thanks Mikel
  3. Thanks soo much Flex. your help is really appreciated. Now I can communicate between my pc and plc.
  4. Hello, Am also trying to communicate between my PC and plc using the Ethernet. i got this Ethernet card V200-19-ET2 from unitronics just recently. Am having similar logic like Joel's.....POWER UP BIT>PLC NAME>TCP/IP CARD INIT>TCP/IP SOCKET INIT (socket 1) My Ethernet connection to PLC IP address is net mask is gateway is My PC is on same router with IP address Am having problem establishing communication between the two. NOTE! am using DYNAMIC IP. Could this be the reason? I really need an expert assistance here. thanks guys comm via ethernet.vlp
  5. Hello all, i got this cinterion EHS6T modem recently to use for sms sending to cell phones. According to the manual, am supposed to go to modem services in visilogic and with the modem connected to my pc, initialized the modem by preparing the plc modem. after which i connect the modem to the plc. I followed all the steps but after connecting the modem to the plc, SB82 doesnt go high also SI82 stays 1(initialization in progress). is there something am doing wrong here? Need help.
  6. Hi greetings to everyone, does anyone knows if the V1210 has an internal buzzer? Am programming a simple alarm condition for a control panel door, whenever the door is opened I want to sound the buzzer and display on the HMI (DOOR OPEN).
  7. Thanks FLEX. That helped Solved my problem🙏
  8. Hello all, I have programmed total run time for a pump stored in ML. Anytime this pump is serviced, I have an onscreen button to reset the time. Whenever the time is reset, client wants that particular date to be captured and stored. And also display it on the HMI. Is this possible and if yes, i could really use some help. Thanks guys. Kind regards, MIKEL.
  9. Thanks Flex, that helps a lot. nothing to worry about concerning elements on screen with touch property because there is none. I may be incorporating some touch elements later, in that case CAM and KRATMEL's advice will take care of that. Thank you all very much. Mikel
  10. Hello guys, is there a way to put my hmi screen to sleep in a certain period of time when there was no touch on the screen? But to still keep my process or whatever running. and also wakes it when the screen is touched... am using V1210 Need help. Thanks very much.
  11. Thanks soo much Flex. can't believe it was in my face the whole time😃. I wish you guys a very HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR
  12. That is correct Joe I want to show total run time. I used SB13 powered by the pump to count up to 3600 secs which I then count as one(hour) I've posted my code below. one more issue bothering me, Is there a way I can display the real time clock from the plc onto my hmi. whenever screen is on I want to view the time in hh/mm/ss and also the date? thanks Joe BWRO WITH OLD GRAPHICS.vlp
  13. Thanks very much Joe. I was able to resolve my EX RC1 issue. Need your help, on how to display accumulated time for a pump in a plant. (programmed to turn on and off). I am using visilogic
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