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  1. Hello and thanks for the support. #1 SCADA communication with the grid operator might be stand alone to the inverters from this system (machine to machine sim card operated already provided from grid operator). They are going to provide the values of power factor , power limitation , power offset etc.. this values we have to pass to inverters through modbus RTU over RS485. (for control). I'm waiting from inverters provider to confirm that, but the idea would be like that. What you recommend for that ? #5 Ability to export on third party energy management portal - can be done in 2 basic ways. 1. send CSV file to FTP and the platform will do the handling to the database 2. have another one modbus TCP "Server" available (for the third party portal) with all the values available !! In that case, how we are going to pass values from one modbus TCP Server to another? What if we have irradiation sensor sitting on the MODBUS RTU site somewhere in the field, and this value must be passed to everyone !! grid operator, inverter portal through SUNSPEC and third party portal. This is as complicated might be. nothing more.
  2. Hello, i have a solar project with modbus RTU on the field, and also modbus TCP using SUNSPEC protocol. This is a standardized protocol to the Solar vendors (specific values to specific registers for inverters , voltage, current etc). At the same time we have the SCADA from the grid operator to make the inverter control on power curve and power facor. Grid operator also needs some values to pass from modbus RTU and also from Modbus TCP. to him. So we are talking for a modbus TCP Server ? or client ? Main functionalities: ---------------------------- 1. SCADA operation - (sim card machine to machine system provided by grid operator) 2. Data acquisition from enviromental sensors on modbus RTU 3. ability to pass those values to modbus TCP 4. ability to rephrase values to SUNSPEC over modbus TCP for portals 5. Ability to export to third party energy management portal 6. inverters control What hardware i need to make all this work out ? Thank you.
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