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  1. HI, OK, my Power meter has a light indicator that pulses every 1W/h. I finaly found out, that the pulse outpoot, connected to my plc is pulsing every 100W/h and not every 1W/h. So i get an 100mS impulse every 100W/h and the plc is reading it normaly. Thank you for your anwsers, and sorry for the inconvenience.
  2. Hi, my scan time SI 0 = 6mS The pulse is constant 100mS ON, the OFF time differs acording to Power consumption. So normal input should read 100mS pulse, why does it read pulses only from time to time? When i connect a signal generator, the PLC reads pulses up to 80 Hz on the same input as i use with the Power meter.
  3. 100mS is the ON pulse duration. The device is a Power meter that pulses every 1W/h. The max. load on the Power meter is about 8kW. So on max load it pulses with 2,22 Hz. I found out, that time to time a pulse is read by PLC. That means, the scan time is too slow to read my pulse. OK, back to my question, is there any sample or can anyone write me one, how to read pulse with High Speed Input. Thank you!
  4. Hi, is there any sample how to properly program a high speed input so it writes 1 to MB on rising edge of pulse?
  5. Hi. I am using a Vision120 V120-22-T2C controller. I want to read Pulse from my Power meter Socomec Countis E21. It hase a 100mS pulse duration, so the standard imput (I0) does not read it. So how can i read the pulse so short? I dont need a HI Spped counter, i need to read a contact with 100mS duration. Thank You!
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