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  1. Hi guys. I need help. Does any of you has experience of connecting wincc flexible 2008 to unitronix plc (visilogic 1210). This is my first time trying and I don't know where to start from. In wincc flexible I have option of "OPC" and "Modicon MODBUS TCP/IP" communication. What is procedure for reading tags from visilogic using wincc flexible? What is easier to use? Maybe OPC? Do I need to use UniOPC to read tags from visilogic plc and than connect that to wincc flexible? Btw I have no experience with OPC and this would be my first time. Thank you all
  2. Thank you. Today I tried to make connection using basic 4 wire telephone cable and it worked. I did not have to do any soldering or anything else, seems that the DB9 connector that came with the modem had crossed wires inside it so when I plugged in 4 wire telephone cable it worked immediately. Thank you so much
  3. ANSWER : I made it work! When I tried to connect basic 4 wire telephone cable to both end (modem and plc) it worked immediately. Seems that DB9 connector that came with modem kit had already cross crimped pins inside it. Guys help please, I can't initialize COM 2 so that I can connect my modem (Cinterion) to that port so that I could send message when error happens. I added few pictures so that you can see that my SB82 never goes active, why is that? I am using method stop - download - reset so that power bit goes on but port is not initialized Can port be initialized even if I don't have any device connected to that port? I am using Visilogic 1210 and Cinterion modem New edit: I found this in Cinterion documentation: "Now you can connect the modem to the PLC using the 9 Pin connector MJ10-22-CS76 via cable 4 wires." Does anyone has wiring schematic for this "9 Pin connector MJ10-22-CS76 via cable 4 wires". Here is how I connect modem to visilogic, is this correct?
  4. Hi there, this is my first time working with unitronix plc and I have some problems with understeanding how does modbus communication works. I am using visilogic 1210 plc and I want to read some parameters from Iskra FPC400. I want to use modbus because FPC400 only supports rs485 communication. First I did set up com port and configured modbus. (As you can see from pictures that I included) I want to read 27 parameters from FPC400 (As you can see from picture that I included, I want to read 27 parameters from adress 4112 - 4139 ) and store them in 27 different variables in my plc. (MI4000 - MI4027) As I understood, I need to set start of vector for reading variables as 4112 and length needs to be 27, and start of vector on my plc is 4000. Does this means that program will read 27 parameters and store them into my plc starting from MI 4000 to MI4027?
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