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    PLC not calculating totals properly

    Thank you so much for the responses and sorry for my late reply, for some reason I got no notification of replies to my thread. Joe, I have attached my entire program. Ausman, From what I understand that the sequences may be incorrect but they are the exact same logic with the exact same sequence for total and weekly, why are the readings different for both of them? Thank you guys once again for taking the time. Regards, Vijay
  2. HI everyone. I have a Unitronics PLC with HMI USP-104-B10 I have a Flow meter connected to one of the Analog input cards and it sends out a flow rate, I want to calculate the total flow in cubic meters and display it on the HMI, I also want another display with Weekly Flow ( so it uses the same logic and calculations of the total flow but should reset every time the operator pushes a reset button after he takes his readings). Both The Calculations are the Exact same logic the difference is they are assigned to different tags. But the readings are completely different and random.