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  1. Cheers, Thanks for the reply. And will each socket allow comms via the Unitronics protocol UnCmDrv1.dll? Or is that protocol tied to a specific port number? To clarify the situation only one HMI is set to utilise port 20256, the next will be using port 20257 etc. Then the router port forwards so that any packet received for port 20256 goes to the IP address of the 1st HMI, then a packet received for port 20257 goes to the 2nd HMI and so on. Regards,
  2. I have a project with V700s, V430s and V350s. Many of each. There is a cluster of up to 5 HMIs connected to a router in each of a number of control panels. Each HMI has a consecutive IP address and a consecutive port number within its own control panel. The router has port forwarding set up so that to communicate with any of the HMIs behind the router you address it by router IP and port number. This works for V700s, tested Ok. The V700s are set to UnCmDrv1.dll protocol on each port as a slave by default. With the V430s and V350s there will be max 4 HMIs because of the number of sockets. What I'm not sure about with these is that the documentation states alternate functions for the sockets eg. UDP for inter HMI comms on Socket 0 - Port 20000, Modbus on Socket 2 - Port 502. I need all 4 sockets on the V430 to behave like the V700 does... Standard TCP Comms via UnCmDrv1.dll for Remote Access etc. And what ports can or should I set them to? Will they work if they are set to ports 20256 to 20259 consecutively?
  3. Thanks Joe, Back in multi-monitor mode now so can't really check it out. I'll give it a go next time I'm away from the office. Cheers.
  4. Was using Visilogic in a multi monitor environment where I had the main program on the 2nd monitor. When opening property dialogs they usually appear on the 1st monitor, even after dragging to the 2nd monitor they still open on the 1st monitor next time. This is an annoyance. The bigger problem is that now I am back on a single monitor (my laptop), when I open a property dialog it seems to open off screen. Nothing I do seems to bring it back to the main monitor. Any suggestions/help would be appreciated.
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