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  1. HI Ausmann, I was able to solve that problem. As my RS485 master sends only one command to the slave I just implemented the appropriate answer with a FB. Now the PLC only understands the Modbus ASCII command 23 (read/write multiple registers). But as my master uses only this command and always asks for the same address to read and write, I just managed to programm an appropriate answer from the PLC.
  2. Hello I am trying to set up a V350 as a slave of a master device that uses Modbus ASCII. I understood that Visilogic does not handle Modbus ASCII. I want to get arround this by using a Modbus ASCII to Modbus RTU converter. However the master uses Modbus function code 22 (write multiple registers) and function code 23 (read, write multiple registers). Will the V350 understand these commands once converted to RTU? I only find function code 16 highest command when using V350 as a master. Does it understand command 22 and 23? Thanks David
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