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  1. It seems, our problem is solved. I uninstalled VisiLogic, i runned the Revo Uninstaller, and tried Wise Registry Cleaner too, deleted manually all VisiLogic remaining files, and after some restarts, i installed the most recent VisiLogic_9.8.91 version as Administrator. Running VisiLogic as Administrator no longer throws "Out of memory" errors. A system restore would have been painful (despite we have frequent full backups), as many files are constantly changing, and i also didn't looked into antivirus settings, as the reinstall solved our problem. Thank you very much for a
  2. Hi AlexUT, Ausman! Thank you for the answers! The VisiLogic version we use is: 9.8.90 We will do a couple of tests, reinstalls and then I will report the results. The external uninstaller to clean all the things sounds good, we will try it. What do you mean, that we should check our A/V classification? Antivirus?
  3. Hello! We have "Out of memory" errors. It's not the PLC-s memory, it's the VisiLogic executable having this error. This error has been common (once in every 2 hour) in the last month when using VisiLogic. It occurs randomly while working, but mostly when using the clipboard, to Ctrl+C / Ctrl+V things. The used VisiLogic version is: 9.8.90 Windows version: Windows 10 Pro 64 bit 10.0.18363.900 System memory: 8 GB (free memory 53%) Since the VisiLogic binary is 32 bit, 8 GB of system memory (half of it free) should be enough for it to run. With no luck, i have sear
  4. I can confirm, that with the recent Windows version the red-X-toolbar .NET problem is fixed. Yesterday, i made a clean install of Windows 10 Pro 64 bit Build 1903 ,with Microsoft Media Creator Tool made USB stick. (Full reinstall, not just update, i choose at install, to delete all partition and recreate them.) After drivers and windows updates installed, i tried to install Remote Operator 1.0.71. It shows up a dialog, it requires the .NET Framework version 3.5, clicking yes opens browser at dotnet.microsoft.com. I do not downloaded anything, instead opened program-c
  5. Thank you Isakovic for your reply! I know this problem is there long ago, because of this, in the past years we have also switched to Modbus/TCP from OPC wherever we can. Sadly in these particular case we can not modify the PLC's installed. I hope some developer at Unitronics can make a fixed version of the UniOPC Server, or at least explain, why it uses all of the CPU even if there are no or very few OPC transactions performed.
  6. Hello! Unfortunately, this high CPU problem is still present in UniOpcServer (2.0.14). We use it to communicate with 4 PLCs (2x V1040 , V120 and V130), and read 273 tags total, at 1 sec refresh rate. As soon as the visualization software starts (Provicon VisionX9), the CPU load goes to 100%, UniOpcNodeThread.exe uses 70-80%. The PC which runs OPC server and the SCADA software has a i5-2400 CPU @3.1GHz. The OS is Windows 10 64 bit 1903. Is there a newer version of UniOpcServer available, or are there some settings to tweak? Thanks in advance: mavika
  7. I installed the Microsoft fix and modified the .config file on another 3 machines, which also had this problem. This solved the issue on all of them. 😄
  8. Hi, Saragani! Thank you very much for the responses! Meanwhile i have done some testing: Without modifying Remote Operator.exe.config or installing any .NET updates, the error message says: So for me, it looks like, Remote Operator is using 2.0 framework libraries. I then uninstalled 3.5 .Net framework (this includes .Net 2.0 and 3.0) Now when i try to start Remote Operator, it opens up a Windows dialog, complaining that the needed 3.5 framework (including 2.0 and 3.0) is missing, and it must be downloaded and installed. This makes sense. After that, i
  9. Thank you Ausman, for the quick answer! We do not use Remote Access, but i installed it to try out, and its seems to work, without error messages. (it can show open-file-dialogs, without the above exception occouring). I changed now the Unitronics.RemoteOperator.dll to the one, that Saragani posted (from dll version to, but the error message still appears. Saragani wrote: Meanwhile, i found this article: https://blog.jtbworld.com/2018/12/red-x-symbol-error-after-updating-to.html I downloaded the ".NET Framework 4.8 Early Access
  10. Hello, We also have a problem with the Remote Operator running on a Windows 10 64 bit 1809 System. This error was not present on 1803 version of Windows 10. We tried to run the program on another machine, running this version of Windows, resulting the same error. The Remote Operator program is installed and executed as Admin. As soon as we try to open or save a project, by clicking on the open/saveas icon, the open/saveas dialog shows up, and the following exception error message appears (this exception occours also, when we click on the "Import cache file" menu item):
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